Monday, July 13, 2015

Review: Modibodi Underwear

My goodness, all I could think of when I heard about these undies was that why on earth has no-one ever thought of this before??

It is definitely a sad fact of life that being pregnant and having children adversely affects many parts of your body, with one major difference being losing strength in your pelvic muscles and bladder (yes yes I know we are all told to do pelvic floor exercises but who really does them?? I know I certainly didn't). During pregnancy and after kids you really have to be conscious of tightening up 'down there' before you laugh or sneeze - you learn your lesson pretty quickly what happens if you don't. So yes we all resort to using liners or pads right through pregnancy and also afterwards for many Mums.

So what are Modibodi??

Modibodi are undies - But undies with a difference! They have built in protection - so its just like wearing a liner but without having to put one in. The first thing I like about this is that it is great for the environment. I am a cloth pad user for this reason, so I just love the fact that you are not throwing all that rubbish in the bin (great for saving money too not having to buy liners all the time).

Modibodi have pregnancy style undies so you can comfortably wear them right through pregnancy (and all sorts of things happen 'down there' through pregnancy not just bladder leakage). Did you know that 1 in 3 women experience Light Bladder Leakage at some stage of their life? It is most common during pregnancy and after childbirth. 

They are designed to protect women against the common ‘unmentionables’ in life such as sweat, discharge, odour, light bladder leakage, menstrual overflow/spotting, while still being extremely comfortable and fashionable. Modibodi uses the best natural and synthetic fabrics with patented Modifier Technology for highly functional underwear.

Modibodi are currently only available online from 

Things I love about Modibodi after wearing them a few times:

  • They look just like normal undies so no-one will know you are wearing undies with built in protection.
  • They are really comfortable once you get used to the (very slight) bulky feeling in the crotch
  • They are a nice generous size - in fact if you hover between sizes go down a size
  • There is a style to suit everyone - pregnancy, g-string, sports, bikini, boy-leg, full brief
  • Suitable for all ages of ladies from teenagers right through to the elderly 
  • Easy to wash - I just put mine in the washing machine on a gentle cycle with my bra's.
  • Perfect to use in the times before and after your period
  • Use as a 'back up' during your period
  • Not expensive (I will definitely be buying some more soon). In fact prices are in line with most other brands of normal underpants.
  • Yes that's me in the image below rocking my Bikini Modibodi's - sorry you definitely don't want to see a full shot - but you get the picture, they sit nicely on both the leg and hip seams, and look cute to boot ;-)

Disclaimer: I received a Modibodi to trial. No monetary payment was received for this post and any opinions expressed are my own.

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