Monday, June 15, 2015

Product Talk: Crayola Color Wonder

If your household is anything like mine, you would have left your toddler or pre-schooler happily doing some colouring, then, as life tends to get busy, the phone or doorbell rings. What happens next? Yes, when you go back to your little one (even after just a couple of minutes) they have drawn either all over themselves or around your house. I personally have kids 'artwork' down the walls of the hallway and all over the back of our tan leather lounge. Not to mention the amount of times my kids have merrily coloured in themselves (usually just before we are due to go out to dinner).

Many times I have wished for a solution for these situations! Little ones do love colouring, but on the other hand it is impossible to watch them for every second they are sitting doing their drawing.

Luckily I now know about Color Wonder from Crayola - A handy pack you can pick up which contains a gorgeous 18 page Colouring Book and 5 Markers which ONLY work on the book. When I first unpacked the book and pens, my husband found it amazing that the markers are clear - but when you use them on the book the colour appears.

So it is with much excitement I don't have to deal with this again ::::::----------

And can leave my 3 year old happily drawing away with her special book and pens. And as she is so obsessed with 'Frozen' at the moment, she is taking her Color Wonder book with her everywhere!! Plus they are available in other designs such as Dora the Explorer and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so there is something to suit every child.

After a week or so now of having the Color Wonder in our house, I can say the product truly is mess-free and won’t color on skin, furniture or carpets! The special ink in Color Wonder Markers is clear on most surfaces, yet each marker 'magically' shows up a different color on Color Wonder Paper. This makes it an easy craft that children can do without supervision and also makes cleanup a breeze! Plus I love the peace of mind know they are also non-toxic (essential if your little one still has a tendency to put things in their mouth).

Check out my little video to demonstrate the clear marker tips and how the colour appears on the paper -

Our verdict: What an awesome product! At $13.99 per pack these are a very affordable item, your child will spend many hours happily colouring - And you can rest assured the colouring book is ALL they are colouring in, even if you get distracted with something else! A big thumbs up from us :)

This product talk is bought to you by Nuffnang and Crayola

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