Friday, April 24, 2015

100 Fast and Fun Activities to do with your Toddler

  1. Go outside and blow bubbles
  2. Bake a cake and let your toddler help tip the ingredients and mix the batter
  3. Ask them to find something of a particular colour e.g. blue, red, green
  4. Give them toddler safe scissors and some old magazines and let them practice cutting
  5. Then use the cut-outs from the cutting activity and do collage
  6. Put on some music and dance
  7. Play doctors and nurses with dolls and bears
  8. Go outside, lie on the grass and look at the clouds - do you see any shapes?
  9. Make toast and let them spread their own butter and toppings on
  10. Make a doll or bear bed from an old box or shoebox
  11. Sing nursery rhymes
  12. Go outside with chalk and draw on the pavement
  13. Let your toddler help you hang the washing up
  14. Keep plastic bottles and containers and let your toddler put the lids on and off (wash first)
  15. Do colouring and drawing
  16. Set up chairs in a row and pretend to be on a train
  17. Play dress-ups
  18. Have a teddy bear picnic
  19. If its warm have water play outside, set up a bucket and some toys, plastic jugs etc
  20. Play hide and seek
  21. Go on a nature hunt and collect different types of leaves
  22. Pull funny faces in the mirror
  23. Create an obstacle course - either inside or outside
  24. Fill a small watering can and let your toddler water the garden
  25. Throw or roll a ball to and fro with them
  26. Read a book
  27. Practice counting from 1-10
  28. Practice naming body parts - head, nose, eyes, shoulders, knees etc
  29. Empty out the toy box onto the floor for your toddler to re-discover toys in the bottom of the box
  30. Then get them to help you put all the toys away again 
  31. Find a toddler yoga class on youtube and do it with your toddler
  32. Give your toddler the clothes pegs and let them sort them
  33. Cut up fruit and let them dip the fruit in yogurt or custard
  34. Look at baby photos of your toddler together
  35. Give your toddler a piece of paper and an envelope and let them 'write' a letter and post it
  36. Make a letterbox from a shoebox or similar, cut the slot in it and decorate
  37. Make a necklace from pasta and a string
  38. Have a finger puppet play
  39. Tickle your toddler
  40. Make noises like truck, lion, elephant, etc
  41. Let your toddler give you a 'hairstyle'
  42. Make handprints and date them to file in your child's memory box
  43. Move like an animal - hop like a rabbit, fly like a butterfly etc
  44. Get out all your scarves and use them to dance around with
  45. Give your toddler a wooden spoon and an upside down pot
  46. Get a ball of string and run it as a wobbly line along the ground, then get your toddler to walk along it
  47. Make rainbow crayons from all the little ends of crayons you have around the house
  48. Pick some flowers from the garden or a park and put them in a vase
  49. Play chase around the house (not too fast!)
  50. Blow up some balloons and play with them
  51. Vacuum a room together
  52. Wrap a couple of toys in wrapping paper then let your toddler unwrap them
  53. Get out some old handbags and let your toddler play with them (yes boys too)
  54. Make a play tent with a sheet or blanket over some furniture
  55. Punch some holes in a card and use a shoelace for a threading activity
  56. Explore the house feeling different surfaces and textures
  57. Give your toddler some plastic kitchen implements to play with in the bath
  58. Buy a bird seed bell or cone and hang it in a tree to watch the birds come and feed
  59. Sit at the window and see what sort of birds fly by - name them if you can
  60. Check on a elderly neighbour to make sure they are ok
  61. Telephone a relative to say hi
  62. Pick out some old toys to give to charity
  63. Get them to match the socks while folding washing
  64. Make a salad for dinner and get your toddler to put the chopped ingredients in the bowl (it may be a messy salad)
  65. In the evening go outside and see if you can see the moon
  66. Jump up and down on one leg
  67. Learn to skip - step forward, hop, step forward, hop
  68. Rub your tunny with one hand and pat your head with the other
  69. Give your toddler all the plastic cups in the house to play with
  70. Play with the settings on your camera/phone and take a nice photo of your toddler
  71. Make a yummy warm milk drink and sprinkle chocolate on top
  72. Put some music on and make it fun to tidy up a room
  73. Go for a walk around the block
  74. Go hunting for bugs in the garden
  75. Find dry leaves and listen to the noise scrunching them up
  76. Read another book (can't do this one enough)
  77. Trace around your child's hands and feet on a sheet of paper.
  78. Then let them colour and decorate their hand and feet tracings
  79. Give them a cuddle when they least expect it
  80. Sit your toddler on the potty or toilet every so often if you haven't started toilet training
  81. Go out and check the letterbox together
  82. Pull off bits of sticky tape and let your toddler stick them onto a picture
  83. Go to the library and get out a heap of board books to look at
  84. Give your toddler a magazine and ask him/her to look for a picture that looks like Mummy
  85. Give your toddler the brush and pan to play with
  86. Let them play in the plastic container cupboard
  87. Build a tower as high as you can with blocks
  88. Have morning or afternoon tea in the garden
  89. Clapping hands - loud, soft, fast, slow
  90. Lie on your back with them and practice tummy breathing
  91. Open and shut - with eyes and hands
  92. Play peek-a-boo
  93. Practice washing hands properly
  94. Talk to them about their name - spell it, sound it out
  95. Walk around the house with giant steps (be a dinosaur)
  96. Lie on the bed together and have a cuddle
  97. Get your toddler to pick out a big book and a small book
  98. Ask them what their favorite animal is then find some pictures of one to look at
  99. When preparing the vegetables for dinner, ask your toddler what colour each one is
  100. Sit down facing each other, hold each others hands, and be a washing machine

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JOLI said...

Awesome list Monique! I will have to keep this one for reference. We do a number of those things, though there are some good ideas there I haven't thought of :)