Tuesday, September 2, 2014

10 Things to add to your medicine chest once you have kids

BC (that's Before Children) I don't think I would have believed it if you had told me the copious amounts of various medicines and other bits and pieces you need. I can certainly see that a pharmacist sees dollar signs when a Mum or Dad walks in the door. Our cupboards are overflowing with all the "stuff" you need to keep on hand in case one of our kids gets sick.

Busily writing yet another list for chemist shopping, I thought I would jot some of the essentials down here. Also, a quick mention that all families are different, and as such have different ideas on what you need... this is simply my thoughts on the subject :-)

  1. Nit Comb. I know there are heaps of chemical type applications, but I have always found a simple nit comb along with conditioner does the trick and gets rid of them in one hit.
  2. Baby Panadol / Baby Nurofen / Kids Panadol etc, depending on age of your child. When sickness hits, its hits quickly and if (for example) your child develops a very high temperature in the middle of the night you need something to bring it down as soon as possible.
  3. Band-aids. Yes, even when a toddler doesn't have a scratch, they are essential to soothe those little ow's. I have also found as my boys have got older, I need to keep a pretty extensive supply of various bandages, wound pads, etc etc, as they always seem to get injuries that a little old band-aid just won't work on.
  4. Daktozin. When the good old nappy rash gets out of hand this is the only stuff that works. Living in Queensland we do get hot humid weather and there is nothing worse than a raw sore bum from nappy rash so its best to clear it up quickly.
  5. Stingose or Calamine. It's hard for young kids not to scratch itchy bites (even as an adult its hard not to scratch!) so I always have this on hand in the event of bites... especially at bed-time when having itchy bites can make it hard for kids to sleep.
  6. Dettol/Savlon/Betadine. To soothe an assortment of scrapes and grazes!
  7. A Vaporizer and the essential oil liquid to go with it (I like the Bosisto's brand). When coughs, colds and flu's hit, one of these in your child's room can help them breathe easier and be more comfortable.
  8. Thermometer of some sort. We have ended up with about 5 over the years, but have at least one so you can keep an eye on your child's temperature if they have a fever.... if it gets too high it is very dangerous.
  9. Ice-packs or Cold Compresses in the freezer. Sometimes kids come a cropper and you need an ice-pack to get the swelling down a bit.... mind you with a young child it can be a challenge to keep it on long enough to be effective!
  10. Oral rehydration liquid or ice-blocks. These are for after vomiting and gastro's. Mind you, all my kids hated the taste when really young and it was really hard to get them to swallow it, but I keep it on hand just in case a bad gastro bug hits the house. Once opened I chuck it out and buy a new lot.

What are your essentials for children in the medicine chest?

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