Monday, August 25, 2014

Review: 'lil Fairy Door

In this day and age of technology and digital games and movies, it can sometimes be hard to give our children the opportunity to expand their imaginations. As busy parents, we sometimes forget to slow down and allow out little ones to create their own little worlds of fantasy and play.

And sometimes there is something really exciting about finding a simple little prop to encourage our sons and daughters to let their imaginations run wild. Enter this darling little invention - 'lil Fairy Door.

The first thing you notice about the 'lil Fairy Door is how beautifully packaged it is. A tiny little door along with a vial of glitter sets your thoughts running on how much fun it will be for your kids to have an entry into your home for the fairies.

So simple to set up, the package even comes with mounting tape and a fairy foot-print stencil to create your own fairy door set-up.

The detail in the door is just beautiful, it is just so well made and realistic. The colours are gorgeous too. I put ours on a bookshelf as we have big skirting boards around all the walls. It looks absolutely darling sitting there!

While my sons (at ages 8 and 9) are too old and my daughter is currently too young to understand (at 2) I'm going to keep our beautiful 'lil Fairy Door until she is just a bit older to appreciate it.

I think these Fairy Doors are an absolutely wonderful idea for the pre-schooler age group. The looks on their faces would be a joy to behold and I'm sure every child that has one would spend many hours watching for their own little fairies to come visiting through the door!

Disclaimer: I received a 'lil Fairy Door to review. No payment was received for this post and any opinions expressed are my own.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Review: Jeanie B Beach Bags

Well I can't quite believe I'm writing this as Winter is still upon us (well for a couple more weeks anyway), but the way the weeks slip by it will be warming up soon and the hot Summer months will be here.

With the warmer weather, while we are not particularly beach people, we will again be braving Whitewater World at Dreamworld where we have season passes, and where I always seem to have to drag along 3 or 4 bags to hold all our towels and other things for 5 of us... which is such a pain!

Do you always end up doing the same thing when going to the beach or pool or even sports mornings for the kids? There just never seems to be a spacious enough solution. Ok, I have to admit I have used those horrid blue Ikea bags before, just because they hold so much stuff.

But now I have found an alternative... YAY! :)

The Jeanie B Beach Bags are not only funky they are HUGE! They say they fit at least 5 beach towels, and I have to agree, I put 6 in with heaps of space to spare. There is a little pocket inside to pop your mobile in and other little bits and pieces, and it also comes with a storage bag to keep it folded up in.

Made from 100% cotton, and triple stitched for strength and durability, you can even wash them if it gets dirty. While my favourite is the red stripe pictured, there are lots of other fabric choices too.

I love our Jeanie B Beach Bag, it really is the handiest bag I now own when heading out and about with the family :-)

Disclaimer: I received a Jeanie B Beach Bag for review on this blog. No payment was received for this post and any opinions expressed are my own.