Monday, October 20, 2014

5 Things to Know about your Brand New Baby

Unless you are a midwife or other birth-related professional, there are some things that really come as a surprise when you have a baby. I know that when I had my kids, there were some things I just had NO idea about.... and was a little embarrassed about as I really didn't know if it was normal or not. The following points are things I personally wish I had know before having kids, it would have made the whole 'brand new baby' thing a whole lot easier!

  • The genitals of both boys and girls are swollen after they are born. Well, you can sort of see with this one why no one really talks about it, but there we go. Due to excess fluid in the body and hormones, it is a little scary to see if you are not expecting it.
  • When some babies are born they are really wrinkly (and ugly). When my second son was born his face was so squished and wrinkly I was downright embarrassed. Luckily it does disappear and smooth out after a few days or weeks. Likewise, some babies can be covered in hair when born... which would also be a bit freaky if you are not expecting it.
  • Birthmarks are really common in newborns... about 80% have them in fact. Most fade eventually but others persist for a life-time.
  • New babies are extremely time-consuming... and can take up literally ALL your time. Whether feeding them or burping them or rocking to stop the crying or just sitting looking at them, life with a newborn just doesn't leave much time for much else. And that's the way it should be, I believe women are programmed like that to allow for proper bonding between mummy and baby.
  • There is a whole list of weird and wonderful skin conditions babies can have as newborns. One of my sons had the WORST skin I have ever seen, blotchy and red and sore looking. The paediatrician had some weird latin name for it, and luckily it went away after a few weeks. If your baby has less than perfect skin make sure to ask your midwife or doctor if it is something you are concerned about (better to be safe than sorry).
Did anything surprise you after the birth of your baby? Please share here so other Mums-to-be can have a read and not be surprised after the birth of their baby!

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