Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What I have learnt with my third child

I have learnt many many things along my journey with 3 children. But there is one thing that I have definitely learnt now I have come to number 3.

And that is that there is no rush for things. We seem to be in such a hurry to toilet train, to get them in a big bed, to get them talking, to get them reading.

But you know what? Who cares. What about enjoying the journey, and relishing the moments they are so small. Because it goes so very quickly.

With my third I am in no rush to toilet train, no rush to put her in kindy, no rush to turn her cot into a toddler bed. Because I know it will all happen with time. They all get there in the end.

I want to enjoy every precious moment with her. I'm by no means a perfect Mum, but where I wanted to rush everything along with my boys, I want to let my little girl find her own pace and her own way... and I think it will all work out in the end.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Review: Skeanie Ruffle Tights

As a Mum of a girl after 2 boys, its tons of fun to be able to dress my daughter in lovely little girly clothes. But there is usually a downside of this and that is that cute girly clothes are quite often impractical. Girls, just as much as boys, love to run and jump and climb and slide, and being in a skirt  does hamper movement I think.

However there is some gorgeous little new tights out from Skeanie (you might remember I reviewed their darling little shoes a while ago) that combine girliness with practicality, and what makes these tights different is the funky ruffles around the bottom of the legs.

Made from 80% Cotton 18% Nylon and 2% Elastane, Ruffle Tights come in a range of sizes from 1-2 years up to 4-5 years, and are able to be machine washed. Although the instructions say not to tumble dry, I have to admit they went through the dryer in a load of washing and came out just fine.

We were sent a pair to review and there are lots of things I like about the Skeanie Ruffles:

  • You can dress them up with a dress over the top, or dress them down with just a tee.
  • Nice enough for dinner out, and tough enough for a day at the park or kindy.

  • Comfy enough to climb on things (yes even things that aren't supposed to be climbed on like lego) and play on the trampoline.
  • Nice and warm in the cool winter weather we are having at the moment.

The Skeanie Ruffle Tights are adorable and practical, and I'm sure your daughter will love wearing them as much as mine does!

Disclaimer: We received Skeanies Ruffles to review. No payment was received for this post and any opinions expressed are my own.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What do you need in a Nappy Bag for a Newborn Baby?

What do you need in a Nappy Bag for a Newborn Baby?

I remember vividly when my first son was born nearly 9 years ago having so much trouble knowing what to put in the nappy bag!! It sounds silly now, but for a new Mum heading out the door with my new baby, I really didn't know what I would need while out and about. Now after 3 kids it is second nature, but I was looking through my nappy bag the other day and thought I really should put a blog post up with some suggestions of what is good to pack when heading out with your baby.

So, what things do you need to pack in your Nappy Bag when heading out the door with your newborn baby? Here is my list for an outing:

  • A nice roomy nappy bag! You always need more than you think you do!
  • Nappies - always keep quite a few in your nappy bag
  • Nappy sacks
  • Travel pack or 2 of wipes
  • Nappy rash cream if needed
  • Change mat (either a nice fabric padded one, or disposable ones if you prefer)
  • Bub's Comforter (I always keep one permanently in our nappy bag so I don't leave the house and forget it)
  • Muslin 
  • Blanket
  • Change of clothes for baby
  • Bibs and burp cloths
  • If Breastfeeding a privacy cover, or use your muslin
  • If Bottle-feeding, bottles already filled with boiled water, and a container with formula in (I take pre-warmed bottles in the insulated bottle packs)
  • A Sweet Dreameezz Black Muslin to drape over the pram when bub is asleep.
  • Dummy if you use one