Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Review: Skeanie Classic Infant Pre-walkers

Put your hand up if you have a baby or toddler aged newborn to 2?? Well then please read on!

My daughter (who has just turned 2) has been wearing in a super cute pair of Skeanies Classic Infant Pre-Walkers lately. While she has been walking for quite a while, these soft little shoes are still fantastic to have in the wardrobe, especially with winter coming up, they are perfect to keep on her feet all day to keep them warm and protected.

The Skeanies super soft, light and flexible soles ensure natural movement of baby’s feet without obstructing soft bone cartilage, tissue, muscles, and nerves. Heralded as the “Transition Shoe,” the pre walkers feature “Flex-EASE technology (elastic around the back of the ankle) and textured suede soles which provides superior grip to prevent bone deformities later in life. As you can see in the picture below, the shoes are made of lovely soft leather, and have the gentle elastic around the back which means they actually stay on her feet. They are also recommended as the Preferred Provider of The Australian Podiatry Foundation (NSW & ACT), so you know they are good for your child's feet.

The pair my daughter is wearing are a Size L (EU22), which fit her perfectly, and they go up to an X-Large. I'll be checking out the Junior range also offered by Skeanies, which is for kids aged 1-5 years.

As you can see, Skeanies Classic Pre-Walkers are totally adorable little shoes for kids. They are well priced (RRP$29.95), they fit beautifully, they stay on, and most of all, they are obviously comfortable (or believe me, a toddler would not keep them on his or her feet!!). So in conclusion, they get a big thumbs up from us... and we wish we had discovered them sooner! 

Disclaimer: We received a pair of Skeanies to review. No payment was received for this post and any opinions expressed are my own.

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Amanda Lapthorne said...

They are so very cute, pity my boys are past that age now :-)