Thursday, April 24, 2014

3 Things I have Discovered since becoming a Mum

  1. Your baby is born with their personality, and it has nothing to do with you as a parent. A difficult baby is not caused by anything you are doing wrong, and an easy baby is not that way because you think you are relaxed. While its really nice to credit our children's good qualities with something we are doing as a parent, I don't believe this is so. After having 3 children, all with vastly different personalities, one thing I noticed was that they were certainly born this way... in other words their core personality is nature not nurture. Definitely as they get older you need to channel their qualities and energy in the right direction, but we are all born with our own personalities and we need to support and rejoice in that, not try and change someone to the person you think they should be.
  2. You really don't have any concept of what total tiredness and utter exhaustion is until you become a Mum. Weeks and months of getting by on minimal sleep takes it toll on us Mums, and you really can't compare it to partying all weekend or missing out on a nights sleep for whatever reason BC (before children). I think most Mums have experienced the passing out in the middle of the night with bub on lap feeding, or driving somewhere and having no memory of getting there because you are so incredibly exhausted. But at least it does pass in time and become a distant memory (however even saying that my youngest is 2 and I think there is very few nights I haven't been woken by her at least once for various reasons!).
  3. Normal everyday tasks like having a shower, going to the toilet, and going grocery shopping are luxury activities if you get to go them on your own and without being uninterrupted in any way. I'd even go so far as saying I get absolutely desperate sometimes to do things ALL ON MY OWN. Just getting to pop to the library on my own is heaven (without taking a toddler who I know will throw a tantrum), or getting groceries (without my 2 sons who ask for every toy in sight).... or going to the toilet without ONE person needing my attention that exact second. Need I go on? Hehe.
So tell me, what have you discovered since becoming a Mum??


Jhanis V. said...

I totally agree. I've learned so many things when I became a mom and tossed out most of what I read from books while I was still pregnant! We learn as we go along. It's a crazy ride but definitely loving it!

Melissa Lawrence said...

Sleep is so high on the list of things I treasure these days. I also get a little frustrated that I should know at all times where everything is for everyone else.

Sarah from Creating Contentment said...

Yep! Agree with your points totally! I didn't realise either how annoying I would find my own children, despite the amount of love I have for them.

Toni said...

Totally agree. I needed to go get a script filled at the chemist the other day and could've gone in the morning but waited for daddy to be home and left the baby with him just so I could pop down the road and have 20 minutes to myself lol. It feels so weird when Im alone now though like something is missing.