Monday, November 11, 2013

My Christmas Wish List

So... we all spend an extreme amount of time compiling gift lists for our children, husbands/partners, and other family members.... but what about us Mums? Have you sat down and complied a list of the things YOU would like? I have to admit I very rarely do this, as I believe a gift given should be gratefully received and used in the spirit of which it was given.  But, hey, we all love a change once in a while and these are the things I am coveting at the moment (yes I will reiterate this is a WISH list so please don't bother having a go at me for being materialistic or any other rubbish... we are all allowed to dream, right?).

New Sunglasses. The sunnies I currently own I have had for 20 years (I kid you not). While I love them they are so scratched they are getting really annoying. I'm busy checking out some of the ladies styles from Bolle.... very nice indeed :)

Wedges from Louis Vuitton. I have a pair I bought on my honeymoon and I love them soooo much I would like another pair in my cupboard. That's not too much to ask is it???

Organic Skincare. Shangri La Organics smells divine and unlike anything else.... The Foot Balm and Hand Balm are on my list to help me drift through the hot busy Christmas season on a cloud of divine aromatherapy scents. Plus they ship worldwide.

So, tell me, what's on your Christmas Wish List??

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Amanda Lapthorne said...

I would love an excalibur dehydrator. The four tray is not too bad so I am going to see if my family will pitch in the cash for me

Your Cheeky Monkey said...

My mum has a dehydrator! She uses it when she has huge overflow from her veggie garden :)

SheridanR said...

I would love a new pair of reading glasses. I have been in the market for some trendy Ray Bans!!
I think that will have to remain a hypothetical for now lol

Emily said...

Louis Vuitton wedges? WOW! Fancy.

I would like some new jimmy-jams. Sounds boring, but some really nice ones. At least three pairs. And, of course, the chance to ACTUALLY GET SOME SLEEP in them!

Karen Hollenbach said...

I would love at least 3 uninterrupted afternoons over the summer break to read a book! I bought myself my Christmas gift early this year, so time to myself is what I'd value! Karen