Monday, November 4, 2013

How your furniture changes with a baby

You can spot the home of a child-free family a mile away. There is generally knick-knacks everywhere within reach, there might be photos in pretty frames standing on a coffee table, there might be dining chairs made from a lovely cream suede, and it probably looks uncluttered and even might have a nice decorator furniture and colour scheme going on.

Switch this lovely peaceful view to that of a family with young children. More than likely you will see no movable objects at all within reach, there will be safety locks on pretty much every door and cupboard (and even the fridge), there are probably pen marks on the walls, and there are toys scattered around everywhere. Ok, yes, I have described my own house there if you hadn't already guessed that.

If you are currently pregnant or even just thinking about having a baby soon, there are quite a few things I would suggest to start taking into consideration if investing in furniture at any time (yes start thinking about this before you have kids not after!).

Consider the following:

  • How will the piece of furniture perform with a baby or toddler around?
  • Is it spindly and unstable? 
  • Can it tip over easily? 
  • Does it have sharp corners at a toddlers head height? 
  • Can you put child locks on it easily? 
  • Is it easy for a child to climb up on it? 
  • Is it a light colour that will show marks up easily? 
  • Is there fabric on it that will mark or tear easily?
  • Can you put a high-chair easily up to the dining table to share the meal with the rest of the family?
There are so many factors that change depending on whether you are buying for a child free home or one with children in it. With a little bit of research and consideration you can make things much easier for yourself depending on your choices, as well as being able to make your home as safe as possible once your baby is on the move.

This post is written in partnership with Nick Scali Furniture.

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