Monday, October 28, 2013

Review & Giveaway: Tickety Toc

Have you heard about Tickety Toc yet?  If you are the Mum of young children I'm sure it will soon become a household word for you!

Tickety Toc is a gorgeous positive television program for pre schoolers that airs on both Nick Jr and Eleven in Australia. Tickety Toc is a colourful CGI animated series which follows the fast-paced, energetic, comedic adventures of twins, Tommy and Tallulah and their remarkable friends as they race against time to keep the clock ticking and chime in the time. Through Tommy and Tallulah’s madcap adventures, Tickety Toc explores concepts of teamwork, social responsibility and problem solving in a fun and engaging way.

There is also a brand new Tickety Toc merchandise line out as well which is what I am going to tell you about today.  We have been sent the Musical Pufferty Train to review, which has been lots of fun for my 18 month old daughter.  While we haven't been able to watch the program as yet, my daughter adores the little figurines and it is currently one of her favourite toys. I'm sure when we do watch the program on TV there will be much excitement!  In summary these are our thoughts on the Musical Pufferty Train:

Pro's: Very sturdy strong construction of the toy, cute little musical tune, perfect for toddler and pre-schooler hands, keeps her interest.
Con's: It is very hard for even me to click the little figurines into the see-saw of the train, and at a RRP of $50 is definitely on the very expensive scale of things.

Now for the giveaway! I have a fantastic $155 Tickety Toc prize pack to give away to one lucky person as follows:

  • 2 DVD's RRP $39.95
  • Puzzle OR Memory Game RRP $15
  • Musical TV OR Talking Plush RRP $40
  • Tickety Toc Mini Figure 2 Pack Asst RRP $14
  • Touch and Feel Book RRP $10
  • Stickety Book RRP $8
  • Activity Book RRP $8
  • Storyboard Book RRP $10
  • Soundboard Book RRP $10

Entry via Rafflecopter Form below, please take a moment to read the Terms & Conditions of the Giveaway.  Good luck!

Winner - Emily B.

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Disclaimer: Musical Pufferty Train RRP$50 provided for review purposes, all information and prices quoted as supplied. No monetary payment was received for this post and any opinions expressed are my own. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Recipe: Ultimate Bean Salad

I call this recipe the Ultimate Bean Salad because it is SO delicious... also easy to make and great with any sort of meat whether BBQ or grilled chicken or Kebabs or fish.  I'm afraid I can't give credit where I got it from as I copied it out of something many years ago and have made my own tweaks along the way.  I hope you try it and love it as much as we do.

Ultimate Bean Salad

400g tin 4 Bean Mix
400g tin Corn
1 red capsicum, diced up small
1/2 red onion, finely diced
1 packet of Bean Sprouts (Mung Beans), well washed
1/3 to 1/2 cup Whole Egg Mayonnaise (or Coleslaw Dressing)
1/4 cup Raw Pecans or Walnuts

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl (except Pecans) so the mayonnaise nicely coats the salad ingredients. Once mixed sprinkle chopped nuts on top for decoration.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tips for sleeping as the mum of a newborn

Sleep deprivation is one of the major negative issues of being a Mum of a newborn baby.  It's one of those things that no-one can adequately warn you about.  I know I thought it would be a breeze, after all, I spent my youth living it up at nightclubs every weekend and missing out on a lot of sleep in the process.  So what's the difference??  I think its the unrelenting nature of being a Mum.  When you are young having fun you get to sleep in on a Sunday.  You get to have peace and quiet if you have a hang-over.  You can take a nice long soaky bath if you want to.  A Mum of a new baby?  Not a chance.  It's a 24/7 job no matter how good or bad you are feeling.  So after all my experiences on sleep with a newborn baby what are the most important factors? 

  • Consider your bed-time.  Particularly with my first, I changed my bed-time from 9pm-ish to 7 or 8pm.  I knew I would be up at 10pm, 1am, and 4am for feeds, so instead of waiting for my son to have his later evening feed and then go to bed, I tried to go to bed after his early evening feed to try and get an extra couple of hours of sleep in.
  • During Bub's night-time feeds keep things as dark and quiet as possible to teach them night from day and to get them back down as quickly as possible.  You are going to miss out on a lot of sleep if you muck around putting the TV on or surfing the web during the night!
  • I always found the advice to have a nap during the day when baby is sleeping pointless.  Whether you are working or have other children or need to get other things done, I found it almost impossible to do.  So don't stress if you find yourself in the same position, get through the day as best you can and head to bed as early as you can.
  • Keep in mind you are going to have bad nights sometimes where Bub might cry a lot and not settle easily.  ALL babies do this, it's perfectly normal behaviour, and just remember that tomorrow night is another night.  Being so sleep deprived when this happens is really hard but it does pass in time.
  • How is the state of your bed and mattress??  It's true, we do spend a 1/3 of our lives in bed so its worth looking at investing in a new mattress if you need to.  I was getting back pain and not sleeping very well so we invested in a new Sleepmaker Mattress at the end of last year and it has been the best decision ever.  Having my third bub last year, my sleep is certainly very important to me and its no point being a tired sore cranky Mum if something can be done to change things!!  Plus they have a fun Mattress Selector which you can play with at home so you have some idea about the mattress you need before you have to do the horror trip of dragging all your kids to the furniture store hehe.
These are the things that worked for me... however all babies and all Mums are different and you might find other things that work for you.  Oh, and don't listen to all the Mums that say their baby sleeps through from 8 weeks... it's probably a big fat lie ;-) xx

This post is written in partnership with Sleepmaker.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mega Giveaway #2 WINNERS

Were you a lucky winner in our recent Mega Review & Giveaway #2???  After sorting through 1,400 entries the winners have been drawn as follows:

Chook Chook Book Set - Karina Unclaimed - Candice El.
Bondi Chai - Eva
Dinosnores Baby/Toddler Set - Riana
Dinosnores Dinosaur Set - Cassandra
doTerra Lotion - Tracey Unclaimed - Kell
SUPPORi Baby Sling - Megan
Joli Natural Skincare Lip Balm - Vicki
Wilton Birthday Cake Candles - Naz Unclaimed -Fiona C.
Pillow Pets DreamLite - Elise E
Maracca's - Winnie
Empowering Birth Book - Sophia
Knotlace Necklace - Mums Take Five

Big congrats to you all, check your email in-boxes ladies, and be sure to reply back to me within 3 days to be eligible to receive your prize :-)