Saturday, August 10, 2013

Review: Wine Selectors Chef Series

There is nothing better than ending a long difficult day with a glass of wine.  Actually, I end most days whether good or bad with a glass of wine.  I'm definitely no expert, but I do know what I like... and as I don't drink any spirits or beer, I do tend to be quite fussy about what I am drinking.  Oh, did I mention sparkling???  Put a glass of that in front of me and I really can't say no ;-)

I was therefore quite interested to hear about the new Chef Series of wine and sparkling wine available from Wine Selectors.  This is a unique new concept where some of Australia's favorite chefs and premium Australian wines have worked together to produce a range of exclusive wines to match with particular foods.  These wines are only available from the Wine Selectors website or from the chef's own restaurant.

The two wines I have reviewed are shown in the picture below:

  • The Alastair McLeod Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir NV is a Tasmanian Sparkling Wine matched to local Brisbane produce by Alastair McLeod.  This is one of the most beautiful Sparking Wines I have tried, and impressively left me with no headache as a lot of Sparkling Wines do.  This Sparkling is a perfect match for a recipe such as Rock Oysters with Saltwater Vinaigrette and Wakame. Priced at $41.00 per bottle this is certainly an option for a very special occasion and I would highly recommend it over an imported Champagne.
  • The Ben O'Donoghue Pinot Gris 2011 is a Mornington Peninsula wine, described as the perfect food wine as it is moreish and savory but doesn't over power the food. I have to admit I have not drunk a lot of Pinot Gris, however it is certainly one I will be trying a LOT more of in the coming weeks.  This wine to put it simply is divine, light and tasty with no heaviness or bitterness at all.  In other words, very easy to drink, and as with the Sparkling, no headache afterwards which says volumes about its quality in my mind.  The Pinot Gris matches with a dish such as Crab and Rocket Linguine, which I tried out with this wine with great success. The Pinot Gris is $29.50 per bottle, a great price for an amazing wine in my opinion.

The making of the Crab and Rocket Linguine!  A truly luxurious dish that added a little bit of glamour to my humdrum life.  Filled with fresh ingredients such as tomato, rocket, and crab, it is one of those super simple dishes that tastes just beautiful.  The Pinot Gris was a divine match, I felt like I was eating at a restaurant!

What a great initiative, marrying these wonderful Australian wines with top Australian Chefs.  I hope I have encouraged you to investigate matching your wine with food, it certainly is something I haven't done before but is not only fun but delicious too.

Disclaimer: I was sent 2 bottles from Wine Selectors to review for this blog, no payment was received for this post and any opinions expressed are my own.

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