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Mega Review & Giveaway #2

Welcome to our latest giveaway! Read on for heaps of fabulous prizes, from things for Mums to baby products to kids things, there is something for everyone! Just use the Rafflecopter form below to lodge your entries, and most of all - good luck!

SUPPORi Baby Sling
The SUPPORi Baby Sling, exclusively available at Little M, is a baby sling with a difference.  It is an ultra comfortable, easy to wear, safe baby sling, that is so light and compact you can tuck it into your handbag or baby bag, and it has an extremely wide shoulder strap which means it doesn't cut into your shoulder or neck.  The mesh design is perfect for the Queensland weather, it certainly allows the air to move around your baby keeping them cool.  I have been using my gorgeous purple sling lately with my 16 month old, and what I love most about it is that it really is suitable to use with a toddler as it just simplifies the action of carrying her on my hip. Not only is her body supported properly, it saves my arms and makes little trips into the shops much easier if I don't want to take the pram.  The curved flexible design allows it to mold to both my shoulder and my little ones bottom and back. As an added bonus, if it gets dirty, you can just throw it in the washing machine on a handwash cycle and it is dry in a flash! What a perfect sling for busy Mums.  They are available in 5 different sizes and many different colours and patterns.
Win a SUPPORI Baby Sling in your choice of size and colour (depending on availability) valued at $57.95

Pillow Pets Pink Butterfly Dream Lite
How gorgeous are the new DreamLites available from My Pillow Pet! DreamLites are magical night lights that turn your child's bedroom ceiling into a starry night sky.  The beautiful Pink Butterfly DreamLite is our fave, and we have been having heaps of fun looking at the 'stars' as part of our bedtime routine.  These would also be fabulous for a child (no matter how old) who is afraid of the dark, not only do they provide a little light in the room, they would distract the child from being afraid because they are so busy watching the stars on the ceiling above them. My daughter also loves her DreamLite because it is so soft, and as she is a tactile sort of person, she loves to stroke and cuddle the wings and feet and head.  The DreamLites are available in 6 different designs at the moment, with more coming soon.  If you have a boy check out the Snuggly Puppy, its so cute!
Win a Pink Butterfly Pillow Pet DreamLite valued at $29.95

doTERRA Hand and Body Lotion
The doTERRA Hand and Body Lotion is a silky fragrance-free lotion designed to be blended with your favorite essential oil (or left unscented if you prefer your lotion with no smell). I think this is the most fabulous idea, I have added a few drops of Ylang Ylang to my bottle as its my favorite Essential Oil of all time. You could add oils to help you sleep at night, or uplifting oils to use at work in the morning, or even child-friendly oils if you child is suffering from dry or irritated skin. The possibilities are endless! This cream is very quickly absorbed into the skin and doesn't leave a greasy residue. Plus doTERRA have a 'no nasties' policy so you can use it on the whole family without any worry. There is also a 'Citrus Bliss' doTERRA Hand Lotion available which sounds divine and is only $15.00!
Win an Unscented doTERRA Hand and Body lotion valued at $25.00

Joli Natural Skincare Ruby Tinted Lip Balm
The Ruby Tinted Lip Balm from Joli Natural Skincare is a beautiful creamy lip balm with Rosehip Oil and Vitamin E to nourish and moisturise your lips.  The ruby tint adds just enough colour so you don't have to wear a lipstick (which I never do), so its the perfect compromise between a lip gloss and lipstick. What I love about the Joli Lip Balm is that it is so long lasting! I tend to get really dry lips in winter and this yummy lip balm stays on for ages. And I don't mind how much of this I use either, it has absolutely no nasty chemicals in it. Another plus is that it is handmade right here in Australia!
Win a Toffee Apple Flavoured Ruby Tinted Lip Balm valued at $12.95

Knotlace Necklace
Sometimes along comes such an original product it really takes your breath away. Such as the amazing Knotlace I have had the pleasure of test driving these past few weeks! How would I describe this piece of jewelery to you? Knotlace is a bendy necklace made of small metal cups that do not stain or tarnish.  It can be twisted and shaped however you want, you can even wear it as a bracelet or belt!! Over at the Knotlace website, they have a great 'how to wear' page that gives you heaps of hints and tips. I love wearing mine formed into a circle pendant most of all.  And yes, they are really strong... having a 16 month old I can attest to their strength as she has grabbed it and pulled on it with no ill-effect.  As a Mum with a young child, I love that this piece of unique jewelery lets me glam myself up and not have to worry about her breaking my normal necklaces.
Win a Knotlace Necklace in your choice of colour (silver, gunmetal, gold, antique gold or copper) valued at $29.95

From Baby to Kids Wooden Maraca's
Can I tell you how much I love musical instruments for kids? There is nothing cuter than watching your toddler have fun making noise and movement with an instrument.  From Baby to Kids really come to the rescue with their Kaper Kids Wooden Star Maraca's and Mini Maraca's, all made using non-toxic paint so they are safe for your little one. I have had so much fun lately with my 16 month old, she adores music and dancing, and these have been just perfect for her. They are just perfect for little hands, and as a parent its great to encourage activities that help their gross motor skills and co-ordination. Not to mention the smile that lights up her face when she is busy making noise! Too cute.
Win 2 sets of Maraca's - A Wooden Star Maraca and a Mini Maraca valued at a total of $18.00

Wow. Can I start this review with Wow?? I'm so sad I didn't know about these when my sons were younger!! I was lucky enough to be sent 5 Dinosnores CD's to review with my children (my sons are 6 and 7 and my daughter is 16 months old). 'Forest Night' and 'Ocean Waves' are for ages 0+, 'Kitten' is for toddlers, and 'Pterosaur' and 'Tyrannosaurus' are for boys aged 6-8. Now, if your boys are anything like mine, anything that helps them wind down for bedtime is a good thing.  These award-winning CD's have had a range of benefits, especially as they share a room and can be tempted to talk and play up much longer than they should. The CD's help them with listening skills, distract them from issues that might have happened during the day, guide them through some relaxation techniques that capture their attention due to the subject matter (dinosaurs!!), and provide a soothing environment for sleeping.  My daughter has also loved the baby CD's, Ocean Waves in particular has captured her attention and quieted her (and me) for bedtime.  I have always loved guided meditations myself, and it makes me so happy as a mum to see my children respond so beautifully to these very clever relaxation stories and soundscapes. Only $19.99 each from Dinosnores.
Win either a set of 3 Dinosnores CD's for Babies and Toddlers (Ocean Waves, Forest Night, and Kitten) valued at a total of $59.97, or a set of 2 Dinosnores CD's for School-aged Children (Tyrannosaurus and Pterosaur) valued at a total of $39.98

Perfect Kids Party Shop Candles
Having 3 young children, I now find myself making birthday cakes endlessly (well it certainly feels that way anyway!). I can admit to you right now, I am no expert and my cakes are always pretty daggy (but made with love is my one redeeming feature). But do you know, I always struggle to find nice birthday cake candles for my cakes? I really really dislike licensed party products and that is all I can ever seem to find in the shops (plus my boys would throttle me if I tried to put a wiggles candle on their cake hehe).  However I now know about the Perfect Kids Party Shop, which stocks a gorgeous range of candles such as Soccer Balls and Princess Crowns (pictured below, image courtesy of Wilton Inc.). They are only $7.50 per pack, and are absolutely gorgeous candles that are very detailed and beautiful quality. I can't wait for my daughters next birthday to use the Princess Crowns on her cake!
Win 2 packs of Wilton Candles (one Princess and one Soccer Ball) valued at a total of $15.00

Bondi Chai
Put your hand up if you love Chai! Me for one! I would even go so far as to say I am a little addicted to Chai Latte and Chai Tea. If you are a Chai lover like me, have you heard of Bondi Chai?? It is described as a premium quality chai latte pre-mix, made from black tea extract along with a mix of spices and milk, honey and sugar. The pre-mix powder is designed to mix with milk, but I have been preferring to put the powder in a cup, add half boiling water, then top up with milk and warm up a little more in the microwave.  It is just divine on a cold winters day! It has become my little ritual once bub goes down for her nap to whip one of these up before I start work. It is also really exciting to read Bondi Chai has none of the 'industrial nasties' usually used in pre-mix powders such as fillers, emulsifiers, anti-caking agents etc (ewww just the sound of those puts me off). So a big thumbs up on Bondi Chai for me, its another amazing Australian company doing great things! The sachets are available from your local supermarket in 2 great flavours (or you can request a sample from the Bondi Chai website).
Win 2 packs of Bondi Chai (one Club Cinnamon and one Vanilla Honey) valued at a total of $13.98

{Book} Chook Chook - Little and Lo in the City
Last year I had the pleasure of reviewing the first book for young girls from author Wai Chim 'Chook Chook Mei's Secret Pets'.  The next book in the divine series has just been published, and it is a tale of great adventure called 'Chook Chook Little and Lo in the City'.  The story continues the tale of Mei and her 2 chickens Little and Lo.  With her Mum remarrying and her brother going to University in the city, Mei decides to go on an adventure and visit her brother in the city (without telling her Mum and step-father of course).  Now this being Mei, lots of things go wrong resulting in some hilarious mayhem.  The adventure however ends up turning out for the best for everyone involved, with some very unexpected benefits.  I adore these books (yes I read them both myself) and they will be kept safe on my bookshelf until my daughter is old enough to read them herself.  The Chook Chook books are Chapter books which are suitable for girls aged 8 and up.       
Win a signed set of both Chook Chook Children's Books ('Mei's Secret Pets' and 'Little and Lo in the City') valued at a total of $30.00

{Book} A Modern Woman's Guide to A Natural Empowering Birth
After having 3 children (and definitely not planning on anymore) I wish I had been able to read this book before my journey with babies started. I have mentioned before what an avid reader I am when it comes to pregnancy and birthing books, but unfortunately this is not one I had the pleasure of reading.  A Modern Women's Guide to A Natural Empowering Birth is written by Katrina Zaslavsky (owner of Birth Goddess), with Afterward written by Dr Sarah Buckley MD.  The book features the most gorgeous collection of inspiring birth stories, Birth Plan help, expert tips, and so much more.  I particularly love how positive and empowering the book is for expectant Mums... and all the helpful tips and advice.  "Feel the fear and give birth anyway!" is a section on page 130 which sums the experience up perfectly for me.  It is absolutely natural for us to feel fear of the unknown, and this book helps deal with your fears and encourages you to expect a wonderful experience and a perfect outcome.  One bad thing reading this book right now in my life... it is making me clucky again!!
Win a copy of 'A Modern Woman's Guide to A Natural Empowering Birth' valued at $34.95

Right-e-o.... now you want to know, how do I enter to win one of these fantastic prizes?? Well, just use the Rafflecopter form below to complete the required steps. Please take a moment to read the Terms and Conditions attached to the giveaway. This giveaway runs for 1 month beginning 1st September 2013 (as per the Rafflecopter form). And finally, a huge big thank you to all the businesses and PR companies who have been so generous in providing all these wonderful products for review and giveaway!

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