Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Review: Bellamy's Organic

Ahhhh, feeding a toddler.  I had forgotten how challenging that can be!!  Especially when you have one that is very fussy or particular about what or how they eat.  For example, my 15 month old will not eat pureed baby food.  Which has come as a bit of a shock, because both my boys loved their puree's and ate them with glee.  Not so little miss, she will only eat food she can pick up and eat herself.  She will also only have the pouches of fruit by sucking directly from them... why??  Because that is what she has seen her 6 and 7 year old brothers do! One of the disadvantages to having a big age gap between your children ;)

On the other hand, I am also a Mum who wants to give my daughter the best start in life by giving her the best foods I can possibly afford.  Hence my decision months ago to use Bellamy's Organic Formula rather than one of the mainstream brands.  We have loved Bellamy's Formula and have recommended it to other Mums and Dads for their Bubs when ready to love on from Breastfeeding.  I'm just sorry it wasn't available when my sons were babies!

Bellamy's Organic also offers a really fantastic range of baby and toddler foods.  The snap-dried fruits are a favorite for all my kids (ok, I'll admit I like them too), a packet really doesn't last very long at all!  The fruit snacks are a perfect toddler food, with the added benefit that you know your child is getting the fibre and nutrients they need.

One Bellamy's product I hadn't tried before was the organic pasta.  It is now, however, my daughter's absolute favorite dinner!!  I love it because it is filled with vegetables, she loves it because it tastes so good and it's so easy to pick up and eat.  As mentioned above, she likes to feed herself with finger food and I do get stuck for ideas on what to give her for dinner, so the Bellamy's Organic Macaroni is a perfect solution.  I just add some chopped cheese, left-over meat, egg, peas, etc for a wholesome nourishing meal for her.  The Vegie Pasta Alphabets are perfect to add to Minestrone Soup or other soups or stews for the whole family that require a small pasta to be added.

The organic fruit squeezie pouches are just so handy to have on hand for a quick meal or if you are going out just pop one in your nappy bag.  One of the features I love is the large choke safe cap.  As we all know, babies put things in their mouths and I hate those tiny little caps that are SO dangerous to little ones.  Plus, being a Bellamy's product, you know they are certified organic and beautifully nutritious for your child.

Bellamy's Organic is also an Australian company, with their products widely available in supermarkets and chemists.  Their products are 100% certified organic, 100% Australian made, they have no GM ingredients, no ingredients from China, and no added colours, additives or preservatives.  I find their prices very compatible with other brands (so keeping their food affordable for all families).  I really can't see any downside of supporting such a wonderful Australian company with such fantastic products for your babies and toddlers.

Disclaimer: I was sent a package of Bellamy's Organic Goodies for my little one to try.  No payment was received for this post and any opinions expressed are my own.

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I used to get these for my little ones they are so handy.

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