Saturday, June 29, 2013

Poem to a Newborn

Poem to a Newborn

A little person so gentle and new
So very loved, through and through

Tiny little fingers and tiny little toes
Fluffy fluffy hair and a gorgeous button nose

Swaddled up tight against the chill air
I love you so much I will keep you close and near

Such a perfect face, even your eyelashes and brows
I know my life is changed forever now

The moment you were born you stole my heart
My life is starting anew, a brand new start

When you are tired or hungry and cry
A pain in my chest starts, I won't lie

I watch you for hours, the time passes so fast
I want these moments to last and last

Nothing prepares you for these feelings as a Mum
And who cares that I now have a chubby tum

You are amazing, a gift heaven-sent
Thank you, thank you, my baby who was meant. 

© Your Cheeky Monkey 2013


Leanne Winter said...

Love the poem Monique. There's nothing so magical as having a new baby - enjoy every moment.

Emily Morgan said...

That's very sweet and I recognised a lot of the same feelings from my own experience. Well done :)

Lydia C. Lee said...