Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Review: Table of Plenty Hot or Cold Muesli

With winter well and truly on its way I'm sure you, like us, are electing to have yummy warm oats in the mornings rather than cereal with cold milk.  For quite a few years now there has been the standard quick cook oats available, but this year there is a yummy new alternative out from one of my favorites food companies - Table of Plenty.

Hot or Cold Muesli is a pack of 8 sachets of muesli which you can actually eat either cold (as normal muesli) or hot (as porridge).  After trialling both ways, my family most enjoy eating it hot!
I also thought I would show you the difference between normal quick cook oats (on the right in the picture below) and the Table of Plenty Hot or Cold Muesli (on the left below).  As you can clearly see, the Table of Plenty Muesli certainly has a much bigger variety of ingredients (raw oats with cinnamon honey flavours and sultanas and pepitas).  I know which one I prefer to give my family!

The only suggestion I would make is that I would love to see bulk packs of 16 or 20 available - when you have 4 people in your family (or more!) a pack of 8 certainly doesn't go very far!!  But overall, this new product is absolutely delicious and pretty good value at $5.99 per box for a nutritious breakfast.

Disclaimer: I was sent a box of Hot or Cold Muesli to try.  No payment was received for this review.


Sunshine Mumma (Mands) said...

Thanks for the review. I love the idea of using for both hot and cold breakfasts :)

Salz Darwiche said...

They sound so great for the kids and hubby. Im not a fan of muesli though.

Thanks for linking up to the wednesday review.