Monday, May 27, 2013

Review: Coles Mix Baby Essentials

Even after having had 3 children, it always shocks me how quickly they grow in the first months and years of their lives.  They can literally go from one size to the next size up in a matter of weeks.  So it stands to reason most Mums look for great value clothing that doesn't break the budget when they wear it only a few times.  It is wonderful to have a couple of things that are good for going out, but generally speaking we all opt for easy to wear and inexpensive items (especially considering those first few months when you might change bub's clothing a few times a day due to sick-ups etc!!).

Coles is now coming to the rescue with its new range of 'Mix Baby' clothes and other essentials.  The first thing to tell you about this range is that ALL items are priced between $4 and $12!  Whether buying for a gift or yourself you can certainly find some bargains in the range.

I was lucky enough to be sent a selection of the range of the new items for my daughter and we have been road-testing the easy-fastening bibs, socks, face washers and towel (I was also sent some singlets but unfortunately they were too small to use boohoo).

The socks are fantastic - nice and stretchy, they actually stay on, and they come in either nice thin low cut styles or lovely thick fluffy terry styles.  As you can see below they fit beautifully.

The 8 pack face washers are an essential in your toolbox.  A poly/cotton washer, I have been using them for bathtime, mealtime, general mess wipe up, and heaps more.  Not too thick and nice and soft, which makes them perfect for newborns in particular.

 The 5 pack of easy fastening Bibs have been perfect for a messy 13 month old.  They are quite a generous size, and thick enough to soak up most messes.  The prints on them are very cute, and being a 5 pack I have one stashed most places I tend to need them (in the car, nappy bag, kitchen etc).

The embroidered bath towel is just perfect.  With a cute little embroidery on it, and in pink (of course) we use it every day.  Even with it being washed constantly over the past few weeks, it has held up great.  At a handy 60 x 120 cm size my daughter will not outgrow it like many baby towels.  I have been keeping my eye out in my local Coles to grab another one of these!!

I highly recommend the new Mix Baby range from Coles.  Such great value, and good quality products that you can use again and again with confidence that they will hold up to any heavy use you might put them to!

Disclaimer: I was sent a pack of the Coles Mix Baby Essentials to try with my baby.  No payment was received for this post and any opinions expressed are my own.


Salz Darwiche said...

I saw them when grocery shopping on the weekend and thought they were really cute and wanted to have a baby to buy some. But then I thought about it. Have another baby!! I have 4 kids. Maybe better to buy for a niece or nephew.

Thanks for linking up to the Wednesday review ;)

Your Cheeky Monkey said...

Thanks Salz!! I know what you mean... I have 3 and I know I'd be crazy to have another one hehe ;)