Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Review + Recipe: Masha Spinach Dip

A couple of weeks ago an interesting little appliance arrived in the mail called a Masha.  A Masha is used for exactly what the name implies - to mash potatoes and any other soft foods you may want to mash rather than mix or blend.  Now, I have to admit, I thought do I really need another gadget in the kitchen???  Why on earth would you need an appliance just to mash potatoes??

However, reading through the information, I found out that the Masha actually gently squeezes the potato through the outer holes, or mesh.  It has no blade and works at a low speed, so yes, you can even get your kids to use it.  It is also designed to be easy to use for arthritis sufferers and the older generation.  It is also a nice sleek, compact design, so it easily fits into a drawer or cupboard.
The image below shows my first go at using the Masha.  I think it shows nicely how the mash is being pushed through the mesh along with the milk and butter.  The resulting mash is just divine, very smooth.  I'm not sure how it does it, because when I normally do mash with a hand masher, it always turns out lumpy no matter how long I mash for!!

Want to try something a bit different with your Masha?  Here is a little creation of mine my family love... even my kids!!

Masha Spinach Dip Recipe

250g packet frozen spinach
200g tub light Sour Cream
125g can Creamed Corn
40g sachet French Onion Soup
1/2 cup mayonnaise (Whole Egg works best)
1-2 T Gherkin Relish (to taste)

Thaw the spinach, and squeeze excess liquid out.

Place all your ingredients into a large bowl.

Then use your Masha and blend the mixture together.

Place into a serving bowl and serve with crackers and crudites of your choice.

As a final note to this review, I would like to mention that I think it is such a handy and effective kitchen appliance I have already bought one for friends as an engagement gift, and there are some birthdays coming up I also plan on giving Masha's for.  Now if that isn't a great testimonial I don't know what is ;-)

Cheers, Monique xx

Disclaimer: I received a Masha to review and create a recipe with.  I was not paid for this post, and any opinions expressed are my own.


Sunshine Mumma (Mands) said...

Hey that looks pretty good. I am like you not sure if I actually need anymore appliances LOL, though I love the idea of something that is safe for the childrent to use. That dip recipe looks pretty tasty too.

Salz Darwiche said...

That looks cool. I use my hand blender to blend up my mash potatoes. It doesn't do a perfect job but it saved me from mashing them. This gadget looks cool.

Thanks for linking up to The Wednesday Review on Salz Dummy Spit.

minsmash.com said...

I had never heard of a 'Masha' but it does look like it does a good job. I also like its sleek design. I like the look of that recipe of yours too! Definately something to keep in mind. Min xo

Your Cheeky Monkey said...

It does such a fabbo job! And I hope you enjoy my recipe if you try it ;-) thanks everyone xxx

Annaleis Topham said...

I love spinach dip. Might try these ingredients in my Thermomix together. I love that there are products for people that have trouble using their hands. It would be a god send for my Nanna. I will be on the look out for it.

Eleise Hale said...

I love mashed potato smooth, this looks like an awesome product. I actually beat mine at the moment with lots of cream and butter and salt. Delicious but not very healthy.

Found you on #TUST

Yvette @ Little Bento Blog said...

I have the masha too! I have yet to use it - but that dip looks fab.. Yum!! I want it now..

#TUST visiting :)

Mummy Manifesto said...

I am still stuck in the stone age with my hand held old fashioned metal potato masher. Might have to get myself one of those Mashas

havealaughonme said...

What a great idea! Love a good dip! :) Emily - visiting from Blogs and PR

Emma Wilkinson said...

looks very fancy! visiting from TUST

Rhonda - Silly Mummy said...

I've only ever made about 5 dips in my life. I'm amazed because I have all these kitchen tools and never have time to use them properly. I but cake decorating stuff, mashers, crushers and blenders but life gets in the way sometimes.

Michelle said...

I havent seen one of these before but it looks like you put it to good use! Home made dips are so much tastier than the shop bought ones and not too much extra effort required :)
Saying hi from Blogs & PR link up

Kaz @ Melting Moments said...

Oh, that looks like a nifty gadget and that dip looks tasty too!