Friday, January 25, 2013

Review: Kindy Kamper Bedding Sets

I never thought when my two boys were starting kindy that one day I would have a baby girl who would also be getting ready to go to kindy.  But you never know where life leads you, and to my joy, I do indeed have a little girl who I plan to send to kindy later this year.  For some reason I am probably more nervous about this than I was with the boys... is it because she is a girl?  Or because she is my last child who I want to keep close to me for as long as possible?

Anyway, the fact remains, she will indeed start her journey of kindy and then school one day before I know it.  I have truly blinked and she is already 10 months old... on her way to walking and turning into a gorgeous little toddler.

One of the things that you, like me, might have noticed about the beds provided at kindergartens and daycare centres is that they are not very comfy.  Normally you are just asked to provide sheets for them.... but did you know there is an alternative?  A very cute, comfy, easy to use, and easy to wash alternative?  Kindy Kamper is an Australian company that designs beautiful all in one kindy bedding.  And not only are the designs gorgeous, they are great value too at around $60.  These sets will last right through kindy, and can also be used for sleep overs or even naps around your own house if your child prefers to be with you rather than in their own room.

Some of the features that I love about these bedding sets are:

Big sewn on label for you to write your child's name on.

Top blanket is attached by zipper which makes it very easy to remove for washing or if you don't need it on.

Beautiful embroidered detail.

Corner elastic straps for kindy beds with legs.

Velcro strap which makes it so easy to just roll the bedding set up and secure the velcro strap.

Handle for easy carrying (even for a toddler).

Divine designs and beautiful finish.

So if you need a kindy bedding set head on over to Kindy Kamper and have a browse of their lovely and oh-so-practical sets!

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