Monday, December 10, 2012

Who decorates your Christmas Tree?

Who decorates the Christmas Tree in your house?  Do you do it, or do you swallow your pride and let the kids do?

I have to admit, it did take some doing a few years ago to let go and not worry about the result, but now I really enjoy watching the fun my kids have decorating the tree.

Oh, I do get the top bit though where they can't reach ;-)

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JOLI said...

I stood back and let my son decorate our Christmas tree by himself for the first time ever. I actually left the room and came back when he was done so I wouldn't feel the urge to take over or give direction, so I could give him free run. He did a fabulous job!

Renee said...

I love my kids seemingly random decoration - and redecoration! (they seem to not be able to help themselves and need to move stuff regularly).

mumspeak said...

We did it as a family. It was hard when I saw the kids precariously holding beautiful breakable decorations but we managed to get the whole tree done without any casualties. It looks great and although it was a bit tense at times for me, it was a great family time.

mumspeak said...

We decorated our tree as a family. It looks beautiful but I have to admit there were a few tense moments when I saw my beautiful breakable ornaments hovering precariously above Christmas tree branches. With a sigh of relief I can safely say... there were no casualties! yet...