Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Giveaway!

A big hello to you all!  I have some fab packs for you all to win to help clean your home naturally and chemical free after this busy Christmas season.  I won't ramble on and bore you, read on to find out all about these great products and how to enter :-)


Simply Clean have come out with a product range that is so simple and fabulous that it's one of those ideas that you wonder why no one ever thought of it before!  Simply Clean is, quite simply, a range of cleaning products which are printed with their use so they are very easy to identify and and then use for each particular area of the house.  They are designed by a Mum of 3, so you can imagine just how practical they are for busy families.  You can get them in Kitchen Pack, Bathroom Pack, and Microfibre Cloths Pack - each pack has 4 products in it and is great value at $6.99.  I just adore these packs of cleaning cloths and scrubs, they are all exactly the products I use anyway, but now I keep the toilet cloth just for the toilet... and not the kitchen bench or the babies room!  Big thumbs up for me on these little gems....

WIN 1 of 3 complete sets of Simply Clean products valued at $21 each.


Ahhhh Lavender.... one of my favorite smells in the whole world!  And not only does Lavender smell absolutely beautiful, it has an amazing range of uses.  You can use Lavender for Insomnia, Anxiety and Stress, Headaches, as an Antiseptic, and on Insect Bites and Acne and Pimples. I especially love to use Lavender in the Laundry (leaves clothes and towels smelling divine), and in my babies room (a little squirt of the spray at bedtime relaxes both her and me).  And the great thing about Bosisto's is that you know you are using 100% Lavender Oil, not some synthetic or watered down product.

WIN 1 of 4 Bosisto's Lavender Packs containing Bosisto’s Lavender Oil, Bosisto’s Lavender Spray, Bosisto’s Lavender Solution, and Lavender Handy Hints Guide valued at $50 each.

To win one of these fantastic packs, please use the form below to tell me which pack you would like to win and why, and like each facebook page.  You need to do all these to be eligible to win a prize, and please note winners will be chosen on their answers creativity.  Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions, and most of all - Good luck!

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♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

We have a septic so I have to be careful what i use and also being on Chemotherapy I am staying away from extra chemicals.
I love that they are color coded.

kerry santillo said...

Great giveaway, need the cleaning after xmas :))

Kell Kelly said...

The Bosisto Lavender pack because there are so many uses for lavender and it has such a gorgeous scent.

*Great giveaway

Jessie Hay said...

Thanks for the chance to enter- it didn't say a limit for words for the entry, hope mine isn't too long. Fingers crossed :)