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Mega Review & GIVEAWAY - 15+ Prizes To Be Won!

I'm so excited to be hosting our first Mega Giveaway!  With heaps of great prizes to be won, this is one giveaway you won't want to miss out on.  I'll be telling you a little about each product, then entry is easy, just use the Rafflecopter form to like all the facebook pages and answer a very easy question.  There is over 15 prizes to be won with a total value of $475!  So without further ado, here are all the brilliant goodies you can win.

Hatchlings Cloth Nappies
Modern Cloth Nappies are without a doubt exponentially increasing in popularity here in Australia.  Even the difference from when I had my boys 7 years ago to this year when I had my daughter is amazing.  I do have to admit I am a part time user of cloth nappies... if this is you too, just remember each time you use a cloth nappy means one less disposable in the rubbish.  So I'll own up to being less than perfect, but I do know I am making a small difference.  Being a Mum of 3 now, I have tried many brands and styles of Cloth Nappies, and I'm most impressed with the Hatchlings Cloth Nappy I have been using on my daughter.  What do I like about this one?  Firstly, they are Australian owned and designed, and a large portion of the nappy is Australian made.  It is easy to use, because the liner goes in a waterproof wrap and off you go.  It is really absorbent and easy to wash.  I hate mucking around with nappies when they aren't waterproof and you have to use covers over the nappy... sort of defeats the purpose of a MCN I think.  On a lighter note, I looove the pretty pink (rose buds) of the nappy we are using!  Win a Complete Snap-in-one cloth nappy in the winners choice of colour and size RRP $29.95

Joli Natural Skincare Cuticle Oil
I have to admit I am totally slack at looking after my hands.  Life just seems to busy to worry about manicures or putting cream on or making the nails look all shaped and pretty.  But, there is one product that I am a long time user of and that is the Joli Cuticle Oil.  This amazing little product comes in a tiny little bottle, but it lasts absolutely forever because you use such a small drop each time to do your nails.  Even though it is an oil, it soaks in quickly so it doesn't leave your hands feeling greasy.  I just apply it at my desk on the odd occasion when I'm reading or something.  Win a bottle of Joli Cutile Oil RRP $15.00

i&u Breastfeeding Dress
A few weeks ago I posted a review on the I&U Breastfeeding Dress, and now I'm excited to let you know you can win one of these gorgeous breastfeeding dresses too!  Win a Red i&u Breastfeeding Dress with Striped Overlay in your choice of size RRP $50.00

Paper Mate Ink Joy Pens
Stationary is a bit of an addiction for me.  You would probably laugh if you saw my desk and the very wide array of pens, highlighters, and other bits and bobs scattered everywhere.  So I was very happy to be sent a selection of the new Paper Mate Ink Joy Pens to try out a while ago.  These pens are now usually the first I pick up, because they come in such a wide range of colours (I use different colours for different things... yes I'm that pedantic!).  They are lovely and smooth to write with, and I'm finding my husband and sons are snaffling them too when I am not looking!  Win 1 of 3 cute gift boxes each containing a range of InkJoy Pens RRP $20.00 each gift box

Chook Chook Mei's Secret Pets Book
When I put the call-out for people to be involved in this post, I received an email from a lovely author called Wai Chim.  Wai has just published a gorgeous book for girls aged 8 and up called "Chook Chook Mei's Secret Pets".  Wai sent me one of her books for review, and because my daughter is only 6 months old, I thought I would read the book myself.  Well, I got rather engrossed in the story and polished it off in one day.  To summarise, the story is about a young girl called Mei, who lives on a farm in China with her Mother and big brother.  After her father passed away her mother got rid of all their animals.... but Mei finds 2 baby chickens, and the story evolves from there.  I found the book very heart-warming, a little sad in a couple of places, very funny in a couple of places, and most of all you leave with the feeling of kindness and hope.  I highly recommend this darling book for your own daughter too.  Win a signed copy of Chook Chook Mei's Secret Pets RRP $14.95

Table of Plenty No No Bars
If you follow this blog at all you would have seen me mention more than once the fantastic goodies from Table of Plenty.  Now they have a brand new product out for kids called NoNo's Better Bars for Kids!  We have sampled both the Berry Blast and Cocoa Crush Bars (Cocoa of course being the favorite of my boys), and we were most impressed.  These are definitely a great natural healthy nut-free alternative to the other bars on the market.  NoNo's avoid problematic ingredients such as dairy, wheat, nuts, soy and sulphites, so you can rest easy your kids won't have a reaction to them.  Win 1 of 2 Cartons of NoNo’s Bars, each carton containing 6 boxes (3 Berry Blast and 3 Cocoa Crush) RRP $25.50 each carton   

Forever Clover Swap Cards
My daughter is currently only 6 months old, but my boys who are 6 and 7, are so into their swap cards at the moment its not funny.  I also remember as a child loving swap cards (probably even more so than my sons do!).  So I know without a doubt that in a few short years my daughter is going to be collecting and swapping cards of her own with her friends.  I will definitely be getting her started with the Forever Clover Swap Cards.  Why?  Forever Clover Cards are first and foremost very sweet and innocent (let's keep our daughters like that as long as possible)!  The cards are environmentally friendly as they are 100% recycled with a natural plant based packet.  And the range of cards and accessories (tins to keep them in etc) are just simply gorgeous.  Plus the cards are all printed in Australia.  These cards are a great idea and a great initiative for girls.  Win a Forever Clover tin with a rare glitter swap card inside and two packets of cards RRP $17.85

iTunes Voucher from Mindful Parenting Magazine
Mindful Parenting Magazine is an online magazine about kids, parents, and everything in between. The wide range of articles are written to be inspiring, empowering, relevant & authentic. You can read it online for free or purchase the iPad version via iTunes!  Win an iTunes Voucher to read the Magazine on your iPad $20.00

Grubby Bubby Extra Long Bibs
You may have noticed if you read this blog or our facebook page that my daughter has very recently started solids.  As Mums, we all know how messy that can be!  So I am just loving our Grubby Bubby Extra Long Bibs.  I have quite a collection of them now to use at our mealtimes.  The Bibs are fantastic for so many reasons.  The neck is very stretchy so they are easy to get on and off.  They wash and wear really well.  The prints on them are very cute!  And of course, they are really long so they catch all the spills and mess.  If you have a messy Bub like I do, you definitely need to try these bibs!  Win a 3 pack of Grubby Bubby Extra Long Bins RRP $24.95

Monkey Swimmers
Summer is fast approaching, and while both my sons can swim, that is a new hurdle we have to jump with our daughter.  We all know those horrid blow-up armbands we use when our kids are learning to swim - you know, the ones that pinch and grab the skin.  So I'm really excited to see a new product on the market that is an alternative to blow-up armbands, and they are called Monkey Swimmers (and of course I am going to love these just on the name alone hehe).  Monkey Swimmers are the latest in swimming technology for our children, and the best thing is how safe they are.  They are a slim design so they don't interfere with your child's swimming, and its a fabulous design how you take each layer off to reduce buoyancy as your child gains confidence swimming.  Your Monkey Swimmers also come with a great bag to use, a progress chart, and also a book called "Monkeys Can't Swim".  So, as you can see, the pack is great value and a great aid to helping your child learn to swim.  Win a Monkey Swimmers Pack RRP $29.95

Nad's Nose Wax Treatments
I have to be really honest, when I first heard of this new product to wax nose hair, I did have a little chuckle!  I did think that I would pass on this one, as how could nose hair be relevant to my reader's?  But then I thought, hang on, we all have husband's and they are notorious for ugly nose hair.  And then upon further reading, I discovered Nad's Nose Wax can also be used on top of the nose to remove blackheads (and don't try to tell me you don't get blackheads!).  So, I was very interested to try this product out.  I did try to get my husband to use it on his nose hair, but I'm sorry to say he chickened out on me.  So, how did it go?  It was very easy to use with detailed instructions, surprising quick (I thought I would be mucking around for ages with it), and it left the skin on my face feeling really smooth and fresh.  Win 1 of 3 Nad's Nose Wax Packs RRP $29.95 each for a 3 month supply

Moonpig $25 Voucher
Moonpig is an online greeting card shop where you can create personalised cards and mugs using their 10,000+ card templates and customise them with your own text and/or photos where applicable. Once you design your cards, they print these real cards (not e-cards!) from their office in Sydney and mail them out directly to you or your recipient.  As my husband's 40th (shhhh) birthday is coming up later this year, I thought this was a really good opportunity to design and print a birthday card through Moonpig.  Once your account is set up, you just select the category of cards (or mugs) that you want, find one your like best, then follow the steps to personalise with your own text and photo.  As it is a special occasion, I selected the "large" size card, and the total amount for the order including post was $13.25.  Which is really good value I think.  It was a very easy process from beginning to end.  My sons birthdays have just been and I really wish I had known about Moonpig to get special cards for them for their birthdays because I can never seem to find really nice "Son Birthday" cards, but I will definitely be utilizing this service next year for their cards.  Win credit with Moonpig to put towards your own cards and mugs $25.00

Moroccan Argan Oil Skin Serum
This skin product is one I have actually never heard of.  I have heard the buzz about the hair care products, but definitely not this one for the skin.  So it was very interesting to receive a bottle of this serum to trial.  Seven Wonders Moroccan Argan Oil Skin Serum contains organic argania spinosa kernal oil, vitamin E, and rose essential oil.  It smells absolutely divine, and being a serum, it absorbs beautifully into your skin.  I have loved using it lately at night with the cooler weather, my skin gets quite dry so it was lovely massaging this into my face before bed at night, especially after an exfoliation.  Being a busy Mum with 3 children and 2 businesses (and this blog!) I really do neglect my skin, but this is a quick and easy solution to making my skin feel soft and smooth.  I also love that it is such a natural serum for the skin, with no harsh chemicals.  And as you only use a few drops at a time, the bottle lasts for ages!  Win a bottle of Seven Wonders Moroccan Oil Serum RRP $24.95

Chewable Jewellery
And last but not least, Your Cheeky Monkey is putting in a fabulous MummaBubba Chewable Teething Bangle.  My little girl is 6 months old now and chewing absolutely everything in sight!  I LOVE wearing my bangle (in sky blue), it is so easy to pop off and let her chew on when we are sitting at a restaurant or cafe table, and it keeps her occupied for ages for some reason.  When it is time to go... pop it back on and off you go!  I adore these multi-use products!  Win a Gold Swirl Chewable Teething Bangle RRP $14.95

Right-e-o.... now you want to know, how do I enter to win one of these fantastic prizes??  Well, just use the Rafflecopter form below to answer one simple question and like all 14 of the businesses facebook pages.  You must like each page to be eligible to win a prize.  Please read the Terms and Conditions attached to the giveaway.  This giveaway closes in two weeks time (as per the Rafflecopter form).  And finally, a huge big thank you to all the businesses and PR companies who have been so generous in providing all these wonderful products for review and giveaway!

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Jane said...

I would double check your information regarding the Hatchlings. I am pretty sure they are not made in Australia, but only designed here.

Your Cheeky Monkey said...

Hi Jane, I am very happy to let you know that with the Hatchlings Cloth Nappies, the waterproof wraps and all of the Accessories are made in Australia, and the absorbent inserts are made ethically in China. Hope this helps :-)

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I'd love all of it, particularly the chewable jewellery! :D

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Thanks Alannah :-)

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fabulous giveaway!! :)