Thursday, August 16, 2012

Review: I&U Breastfeeding Dress

Sometimes something comes along that makes you wonder how you ever did without it.  Sometimes it is that one piece of clothing that you end up wearing to death because it is so comfortable and looks so good on you.  But to be honest, with a post-baby body, you just don't expect that piece of clothing to turn up in your life.  It's actually really hard to hide that flabby belly that still looks pregnant (but you can't wear tight clothes and show it off like you did while pregnant!).  And if you are like me and struggle to make time to try and lose the baby kilos, you end up dressing in those daggy old trackies pants and hubby's t-shirt to cover up that body you are so self-conscious about.  Which is a bit sad really isn't it?

After you have a baby its just so hard to get back into your ordinary clothes, and its a bit of a no-no to keep wearing maternity clothes.  So I would now formally like to thank Laila from I&U Natural Breastfeeding Loungewear for introducing me to her divine Bamboo Breastfeeding Dresses.  I have had the pleasure of wearing a lovely long black dress with patterned grey bust overlay lately, and I regret only one thing - that I didn't have it to take to hospital when I had my baby!  Comfy enough to sleep in, stylish enough to accept visitors and look decent in photos, and easy to breastfeed in.  What more could a new Mum want?

What I love most about this dress:
  • The number one thing for me is how comfortable the dress is.  Because it is made from bamboo, it is so soft and gentle on my skin.
  • The dress is very flattering and because of its design it hides my tummy.  I am no longer a young skinny mini, but I really feel good about myself in this dress.
  • The adjustable straps.  I am very short from shoulder to bust, and the fully adjustable straps allow me to adjust the dress to the right fit.
  • Bust support.  Many breastfeeding clothes don't have good support, but this dress allows you to wear it without a bra.  The support is not quite as much as a bra, but it is still more than enough for comfortable wear.
  • Whether breast or bottle feeding, these dresses are for every new Mum. 
  • Great for summer wear, or pop on a cardi when the weather is cooler.
  • The clasps are actually magnetic, so once you get the hang of them they are super easy to snap open and closed for feeding. And they are strong enough that they don't just fall open unexpectedly (has that ever happened to you?  So embarrassing!!).
  • The price.  Get ready for it..... only $55.  Amazing!  How can such a fabulous dress be so affordable?
  • As you probably know, I work from home.  So now I can be stylish and attractive, even if I haven't managed to get changed (which is usually the case around here).   
  • You can stick your breastpads in and not only do they stay there but they don't show up through the fabric.
  • The length of the maxi-dress is just perfect for me!  Long enough to hide my unwaxed legs but enough off the ground to pop on some cute sandals ;-)


Now, obviously the pictures above are not professional (as you can see I snapped them myself), but you can see how flattering the dress is.  I have taken a couple of close-ups for you to see the bust features, as well as a full length one to get an idea how nice it looks (excuse the chopped off head).  

 We will also have a dress to giveaway in the next month or two, which I am sure is going to be one of our most popular giveaways, so check back and be sure to enter.

Finally, be sure to pop over and 'like' the I&U Breastfeeding Loungewear Facebook Page to stay up to date with all their news!  Why not pop over and say hi to Laila, I'm sure she would love to hear your comments about her dresses :-)

Disclaimer: I was sent a I&U Dress to review.  All opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are my own honest words.

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