Thursday, August 30, 2012

Quick Tip: Baby Food Pouches

As I mentioned in a previous post a couple of weeks ago, we have recently started on solids.  Of course by solids we all mean the lovely purees and runny cereals that really aren't solid at all!  As much as I have dreaded this event approaching, it is all going smoothly so far, and little Miss P loves her organic rice cereal.  So.... where to next?  Including vegetable and fruit puree of course!  Being a tad busy at the moment, I investigated the baby food now available in the supermarkets.  What a difference to 6-7 years ago!!!  Back then, the only commercial baby food I bought was the 'Only Organic' jars, which are still available.  But now... all these little pouches of organic baby food to choose from!  Very exciting ;-)

After purchasing a couple of try, I read on the packet when I got home it is to be used within 2 days of being opened.  As you all probably know, the amount of food you give a baby when starting on solids is so tiny, I knew I would end up throwing most of it out.  So why not freeze it like you do homemade baby food, I thought?

One pouch was enough for 14 serves in the ice-tray (shown below) of about a teaspoon each.  I'm using this at this stage to mix in with the rice cereal.  She is turning her nose up at it still, but patience and persistence when it comes to trying new foods!

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