Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mega Review & Giveaway Call-out

Hi fellow business owners,

In September I am planning a mega review and giveaway post here at the Your Cheeky Monkey Blog.  I already have some fabulous products taking part, but thought I would let everyone else know about it too.

So, what's involved?  I will be writing a short review on the relevant product, and the same product will be offered as part of the giveaway.  The idea is that the more products are involved in the giveaway, the more popular it will be.  I thought I would conduct it like this to be fair to the products and brands already involved.

What will I offer in return for your generosity in taking part?  First of all, you will be providing me with some of your keywords, which I will link to your site, which is great for your SEO (and much cheaper than paying someone to improve your SEO ranking!).  It will also be a condition of entry to 'like' each businesses facebook page, so you will also build your facebook likers by taking part.  The only condition is that I won't accept items in direct competition with my store, and the products need to be family friendly things the readers of this blog will be interested in.

If you would like to be involved, you will need to provide your product (no vouchers) for review in the next week or two, and be able to offer the same item for the winner once winners are drawn.  The giveaway will be open only to Australian residents.  I will also be running the giveaway at the time the Cloth Nappy Hunt is on (of which I am a sponsor), which will generate many more entries.

If you think you might be interested drop me a line with your details and we will go from there!

Thanks for your interest! Monique x

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