Saturday, August 11, 2012

Baby Update: Approaching 5 months

Oh my, time is slipping by way too quickly.  With the new baby, 2 boys in school, and 2 businesses run from home, I am finding my days zooming by (in a good way though).

Our new Cheeky Monkey is nearly 5 months old.  So, lots happening in baby land.  We have had a few rough days which I put down to teeth, otherwise she is still such a beautiful easy-going bub.  All she wants to do is use her legs, so off hubby went and got a jumperoo as well as a high chair.  Big tick on the jumperoo, she just LOVES jumping up and down in the thing.  It's very cute and makes me laugh just watching her in it.  Plus it wears her out and she ends up having a nice little nap after being in it.

She is also a fantastic baby because she sleeps 12 hours through the night.  I'll be completely honest with you and admit this is nothing to do with anything I have done, it's just her nature and a pattern she has settled into herself.  This is nothing like what my 2 boys were like as babies, my second son in particular was a nightmare and it was a very long time until he slept though the night (12 months or so I think), and he has never ever slept 12 hours that's for sure.  So, I feel very blessed to have a good sleeper for my third (and last) baby.

The last few mornings she has been waking up, she has pretty much refused a feed even though it has been over 12 hours since her last feed.  So, time I thought to start her on 'solids'.  I didn't plan to start right now, but she is a big baby (7.7kg last time I weighed her), and I thought I would give it a whirl in the mornings.  We have started on an organic rice baby cereal which I have kept very runny.  And the verdict is she likes it!  She very happily sits and sucks it off the spoon, so we will continue with it for now just once a day.

Our family in the last few weeks has also been struck down with a horrid strain of influenza.  My 5 year old son bought it home from school, and boy did it knock him for a 6.  A week off school and he ended up in hospital one night after we called Medcall and the doctor sent him straight to hospital he was so worried about his breathing and very high temperature.  I had the misfortune to get it as well, and could barely crawl out of bed for 4 days.  Two weeks later I am still getting over it.  Thank goodness for my husband and Mum who looked after the baby (and thank goodness she didn't get it as well).  One tip from our GP - if you come down with the flu (high temp, shivering, aching body and joints), get straight to your doctor to get Tamiflu, it will shorten the duration of the flu from 5-7 days to 3-5 days, but you have to have it in the first 24 hours.

So, life is keeping itself eventful around here but I guess at least its better than being bored!!

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