Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Newborn Essentials

It has been so much fun having a baby again, I can't even begin to say how much more I have enjoyed it than I ever expected.  You probably think that is a bit of a strange comment considering it is my third baby, but what I expected in my mind in regards to juggling 3 kids, and how it is in reality are 2 different things.  I can't even tell you the reasons... I guess just because she is a content easy-going little person who is not much trouble at all!

So now after my "10 Things to do" series of posts (see end of this post for links) I of course have to follow on with a list of my newborn essentials.  Some things are things I have used and loved for all 3 children, and some are new discoveries that I wish were around when I had the boys.  So, here we are, my top products for a newborn baby.

Jazsling Baby Sling - Sometimes its just easier to pop bub in a sling when out and about if you don't need the pram.  I have been using a divine organic Jazslings Baby Sling and we love it!  So easy to use, and comfy for both of us.

Cuddledry Towel - Can I admit to you that when I had the boys I really dreaded bathing them on my own?  It seemed such a juggle and a hassle rather than something relaxing and enjoyable.  Well, I can't rave enough about how easy my Cuddledry Towel makes bathtime.  It has a halter strap that goes around your neck so you don't have to worry about holding the towel, then its just so easy to lift bub up out of the water straight onto your chest in the towel.  I love this invention!

Strawberry Jam Floor Cushion - Anyone that has had a baby knows that no matter how much you adore holding them, there comes times when you just have to put them down to get things done.  A nifty product I have been using since bub was born is my Strawberry Jam Floor Cushion.  I just carry it around the house to where I need to be, and my little darling is quite content to lie and look around at the world or have a little nap.  The arrangement of the cushions just seems to cradle her body perfectly (and I know she won't be able to roll off it easily and hurt herself).

Bubbalog Baby Journal - Any Mum knows what a blur the first few weeks are after baby is born.  Sleep deprivation plays havoc on your memory.  So the Bubbalog to me is an absolute life-saver!  It's basically a journal for the first 6 weeks where you keep track of feeds, sleep, appointments, and anything else you need to.  It's Australian too so all the info is relevant for us Aussie Mums rather than so many other books which are from the US or UK.

Bugaboo Bee Pram - When the boys were babies we had a Bugaboo Chameleon, which was sadly sold many years before baby #3.  This time around, I knew I couldn't even look at another brand of pram but we had to take into consideration me having a small car at the present time.  The solution?  The Bugaboo Bee.  I can't even tell you how much I love this pram.  It is so easy to use, it is super cute, it has been able to be used for a newborn, it is easy to fold up and down, and its easy to push and negotiate around things.  The pic below is the boys and I at the park, with little miss enjoying being very comfy and cosy in her Bee.  At the moment I am resisting the urge to buy the Missoni Accessory Package... I love love love it and am trying to find an excuse for my husband why we NEED it!

Burp Cloths - What can I say, babies spew up a lot.  Generally all down your back and on your shoulder.  So we all need something a bit funkier to use than old cloth nappies don't we?  My solution is my handmade burp cloths in super cute fabrics.  That's me there with baby girl fast asleep on my shoulder.  I have to say, with all 2 babies I used these things to death... they are just so handy to have on hand for all sorts of uses, not just as a burp cloth.

Copious numbers of bunny rugs, swaddles and wraps - I get a bit obsessed with these when I have a baby.  I use them for so many things - as a swaddle, as light blankets, in the car and pram, as a privacy cover, and the list goes on.  I really think these are the most well used things you can have on hand for a baby.  My favorites this time have been are my Natural Kids Bamboo Swaddle (super soft, extra large size and super stretchy), my Aden + Anais Organic Muslin (extra large size and beautiful light organic muslin), and a hemp wrap with silk edging from Natural Transition

Baby Billie Goat Bath Powder - When I bath my bubs I like to put a little something in the water (as babies don't get dirty but its still nice to bath them), but I hate using those chemical cocktails that are generally on the market.  I felt there had to be a compromise, and I found it in the form of Billie Goat Bath Soak.  I love this little gem of a product I stock it at YCM, its just heaven on your babies skin and leaves them smelling divine.

Well that wraps up my newborn essentials.  Keep an eye out soon for my top picks for older babies!

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What products do you really need for your newborn baby?


Motivating Mum said...

Loved my Cuddledry too - and I know the gals at Cuddledry so I know they'll be so happy you love their product! Alli x

Motivating Mum said...

I know the gals at Cuddledry - they'll be so happy to hear you love their product! Alli x

Motivating Mum said...

Loved my Cuddledry too - and I know the gals at Cuddledry so I know they'll be so happy you love their product! Alli x