Friday, June 29, 2012

Loving our Cuski!

As a Mum of 3, one thing I have discovered is that without a doubt children (whether you want them to or not), attach themselves to some sort of object for comfort.  Which, believe me (I can tell you from experience), can be a ginormous huge great big problem if your child attaches to an inconvenient or irreplaceable object.

A comforter (whatever it may be) is your child's anchor to life.  It is their security and it makes them feel safe.  It helps put them to sleep and it comforts them when they are upset.  They love the look, the feel, and the smell of it.  So whether your child has a sensory, tactile, or any other personality, they will love their particular comforter for a particular reason.

Now, quite often, what will happen is that this attachment can form to an object without us, as parents, realising it.  So that may be a soft toy, a muslin wrap, or even something like a sleeve on his pajama's or the cot bar.  You can imagine if your child needed an item like this, how it could cause problems if you are out of your normal routine.  In my own experience, one of my sons strongly attached himself to a muslin I made myself with a hand stitched applique and crochet edging.  It has been a real problem to replace it when worn out, as well as the inconvenience of muslin being a not very durable material.

So this is where you can make things easy for yourself by introducing a comforter to your child from a very young age that you know is safe, easy to replace, and easy to wash.  My 3 month old daughter (pictured below) already is bonding to a Pinkee Cuski.  It is introduced into her bedtime routine, which began with me initially wearing the Cuski against my skin to absorb my smell to comfort her to sleep.  Now that she is not sleeping swaddled, one corner of the Cuski is held in her hand as she drops to sleep.  Once asleep, it is easy for her to find again in the night by herself.  It may seem quite daunting intentionally introducing a comforter into your child's routine, but as you can see it is actually quite simple.

The operative word on this subject to me is SAFE.  So many toys your child may attach to are just not safe.  Whether the stuffing inside, the fur on the outside, or some other factor, your child's safety is your number one priority.  By giving them a specifically designed comforter, you know it is the right size and made from a breathable fabric and safe materials.

The other benefit I have noticed at the moment is that I have not had to give my daughter a dummy.  Which I was not against (hence the collection of dummies ready in the cupboard if needed!).... so, we have also noticed this as a real side benefit of using an effective comforter.  For these reasons I promote both the Cuski and the Save Our Sleep Comforters... wonderful products designed with much love and thought by Mums, and safety tested to Australian Standards.

Can you tell this is a subject I am passionate about!!   

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