Saturday, April 28, 2012

Baby Update - 5 weeks old & running a business from home

Well, we are 5 weeks into babyhood.  It's a tad upsetting just how fast the time is going, having 2 older children I realise how quick time passes, and I knew I wanted to appreciate every second of this baby rather than wishing it away, as you can tend to do with children.

It is an absolute joy having a newborn in the house again, and this one is definitely the easiest of my three.  Which I do appreciate, having a busy family already and businesses we run from home.

I do admit though, now that we are reaching 5 weeks of broken and not enough sleep, I am finding myself rather scatter-brained.  I am not achieving a huge amount each day, which is starting to get a little frustrating as we have 2 businesses we run from home (Your Cheeky Monkey and Empire Property Maintenance) and unfortunately things don't slow down just because I have a new baby!  I know a lot of readers of this blog are, or have been, in the same position and understand completely.  Sometimes even replying to an email can take all day, and if I don't write something down I need to do I tend to forget it.  So making lists, being organised, and having a fairly set routine at the moment are all that is keeping me sane!

As an aside, I thought I would share this photo of me as a baby with my beautiful Mum.  Mum thinks I was about 8 weeks old here, so I am interested to see in another couple of weeks how much Piper is looking like me as a baby.

Are you working at the moment with a new baby?  What are your strategies to cope with work and home life?


JOLI said...

Piper looks very much like you as a baby. How gorgeous. Love how honest you are about how hard it is juggling work and baby and lack of sleep. And yes time goes too quick. My youngest is 4 now and I'm still keeping lists and writing everything down so I don't forget. I miss him being a bab, though I did really enjoy every minute and I still am.

Nicole Herrick said...

Great post Monique, i don't know how you ladies with kids all do it.