Saturday, January 21, 2012

Manners and consideration, in public toilets of all places

Sometimes your faith in people is renewed in small ways in the most unlikely of places.  Most of the times these days, you can arrive home at the end of the day having witnessed and experienced rudeness, selfishness and even anger from others around us.  Road rage, people pushing in while queuing up, disrespectful and rude teenagers and children, bullying in real life and online, lack of service in shops, the list goes on.  Basic manners and consideration just don't seem to be values that are taught anymore.

But for me, the last few weeks have opened my eyes.  I am (if you didn't know) currently 31 weeks pregnant.  And yes getting rather large and whale-like.  But the point is, every time I have used a public toilet lately, the lady at the front of the line has offered for me to go in first (although admittedly, once, the teenager behind her got a very sour look on her face as if to say 'why would you let her push in... big deal that she is pregnant').  Each time I have said 'no thank you', but the point is how graciously it has been offered, and how unexpected it was.  Even though its such a small thing, I have really appreciated other ladies being so nice!  Because, as we all know, your bladder when pregnant holds about 3ml and its not long before feeling exceedingly desperate!

Have you experienced any unexpected kindnesses lately?  I would love to hear about them :)


Joli said...

In a day and age where it seems manners are all but forgotten (children who don't say please or thank you any more. Adults who push in line and argue with you that you were not there first) it is refreshing to hear that people still have manners and curtsey.
The other day at the post office I was in line but the person at the counter asked another man if he was ready to be served. He politely pointed to me and gestured for me to go before him.

Mystique Fashion! said...
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Mystique Fashion! said...

Hi Monique
I'm a friend/client of Paula Kuhnemann's..she said to stop by so that we could swap blog links....

I loved your piece on manners and consideration. Being a Mum of 2 small girls and living on the Sunny Coast, it is extremely hard to break into social circles. Whilst my issue is a little different to the subject matter, some consideration by other young Mums for new young Mums would be much appreciated.

Would love to see you at my blog! Paula is our recent Guest Blogger:-)
PS Congrats on your news, from Tamara. said...

The other day I was witness to an incident of someone pushing in line - everyone waiting was annoyed with the person. I'm so glad you have had such positive experiences.
Not long now!