Wednesday, November 23, 2011

School holidays equals feeding children constantly

Well the school holidays are almost upon me.  Which is exciting on one hand, and daunting on the other.  Exciting because we will get to laze around in the mornings, swim to our hearts content, and not have to worry about lunches everyday.  Daunting because, for us, it is our first full Summer holiday ever.  That means 2 whole months without school or daycare, time where I will still have to work, and OMG having to listen to the boys bicker all the time over the same silly toy.

I also think it may be a struggle keeping 2 active little boys (and me) constantly fed, in a healthy (but easy) way.  So I'm planning my shopping list now for the coming weeks.

The following list is things for between meal snacks to keep us going on hot Summer days.
  • Big glass of cold milk with Milo (big fave of ours - yummy and filling)
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Make my own ice-blocks with blended up fruit and yogurt (I have those tupperware ice-block moulds)
  • I'll admit I'm a bit of a chip lover.  And so are the boys (what child isn't?  Have you seen how quickly those little packets of chips go at parties!).  We are totally in love with the new Cheese Max Vege Twists from The Vege Chip Company.  Just like Twisties, but they don't have any artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.  Plus they are made from a variety of grains.  So now we can eat chippies without feeling guilty ;)
  • Make a Muesli Slice
  • Fruit in any size and shape.  Most of all, mangoes, watermelon, and stone fruits. Yum yum.
  • Yogurt
I would LOVE to hear your Summer snack options too!  What are some things you like that I haven't thought of??

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