Friday, June 24, 2011

What you can expect from your iPad when you’re expecting

What you can expect from your iPad when you’re expecting
The joys of pregnancy and being a new mum are well documented – just ask anyone who’s been pregnant or is a new mum! But that doesn’t mean that we’re not desperate for help. Pregnancy and motherhood can be tiring – exhausting even – which is why we welcome anything that lightens our load or makes this full time job a little easier.
Did you know that the iPad can be used for just that? When they say there’s an app for just about anything, they’re not joking. And there are a slew of apps just for pregnant and new mums. Yes, pregnancy and motherhood just got digital!
Here are a few of our favourite picks -
Just enter your due date into this handy app and you’ll be provided with a wealth of information - graphic depictions of your baby throughout different stages of development, journals for tracking weights, mood, medical visits, filing systems for any pics or interesting pregnancy articles, and BabyBump forums where you can interact with other mums-to-be and ask all the questions (don’t hold back!) you need answers to before the big day.
Not sure whether that sushi or pate is safe for eating? Just download this app and you’ll find all about what you can and can’t eat while pregnant.
Once you’ve delivered your little bundle of joy, you’ll want to tell everyone about it. This app allows you to send a picture and all the important information to your friends and family (name, weight, gender, etc). It’s an easy and simple way to get the exciting news across to a lot of people at once.
Not getting enough sleep? Forgetting when you last fed or changed your baby? This app is for you! Total Baby is a baby logging and tracking tool to help you stay abreast of everything from your child’s doctor’s visits, vaccination needs, feeding timetables, age and growth statistics.  It also comes with a whole lot of other handy tools including automatic measurement conversions. You’ll be the most organised mum around with this app.
This app helps you monitor your sleeping baby from another room or when you’re moving around the house. Simply leave your iPad in the room with the baby, and if it detects any noise a call is placed to a number of your choice. Just answer the phone and you can listen in to your little tot.
Help your bub fall asleep peacefully with this iPad app that plays soothing lullabies to your baby at bed time. There’s a wide range of tunes and instruments to choose from and you can set the timer so that it runs for a specified length of time.
This is just a short list of the hundreds of apps there are for expecting and new mums out there – all designed to help you through what is an exciting, but often overwhelming time in life. Don’t have an iPad to enjoy these from? To avoid the cost of buying one outright, it is possible to rent an iPad from a number of technology rental companies that offer other services such as computer rental. This avoids the initial upfront cost but you still get to enjoy all the benefits of these apps - and you’ll be a tech savvy mum!
What was your favourite app when you were pregnant or a new mum?
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Ash said...

Isn't technology mind blowing!! I need to get an i-pad, and need to get some Apps on my i-phone, I'm missing out on way too much fun!