Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Mothers Day Meal to Remember

On the weekend, I had a delicious meal cooked for me by my husband and 2 gorgeous sons (under my direction of course, I'm not sure if I'd let them in the kitchen unsupervised hehe).  We had some absolutely gorgeous chicken from Lenard's, along with roast vegies and greens.  I thought I'd share our meal with you, and just how easy it is to not only cook a meal with practically no dishes to clean, but what a great idea it is to get your kids helping in the kitchen (no matter how young they are!).

All the ingredients, ready for the kids to help prepare.  Oops I think I just dobbed myself in, I left my glass of wine on the bench!

My 4 year old helper - he loooves peeling vegies and helps out every chance he gets (note to self - need to start cooking dinner 1/2 hour earlier than normal when kids peel as it takes absolutely ages!  Frustrating, but the only way they learn... I wouldn't mind my own little masterchefs in a few years time hehe).

With this meal we had to cook it in stages, however note the one oven tray (hot tip - put a layer of foil then a layer of baking paper on the tray and then you don't even need to wash it when the meal is cooked!!).  The vegies were put in for 15 minutes, then the Risotto Stuffed Quarters were placed on the tray and cooked for another 15 minutes, then the Parcels were put on last and the whole lot cooked for a further half hour.  Broccoli was cooked separately in the microwave.  With other Lenard's products such as the Chicken Cordon Bleu (one of our faves) you can put the vegies and chicken in all at the same time, just make sure the vegies are not left too large.

YAY our finished meals.  This type of meal (of which I cook about every second night) is extremely easy to dish up for any age person in the family.  For my boys, I chop in bite size pieces, and for younger babies you can just mash with a fork.

Proudly serving up dinner for Mum.

I have to admit, our meals pretty much never look like these gorgeous photos, but really, who cares, because they taste fantastic and that's pretty much all my household full of males cares about!

And finally, a big thank you to Lenard's for supplying their new products for us to try out on Mothers Day.  We are already very regular shoppers at Lenard's and can't speak highly enough of their range and freshness of products.

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They have done well...Monique:)