Saturday, April 2, 2011

In support of Immunization

It's very distressing to see in this morning's local paper another baby seriously ill in hospital with Whooping Cough.  Also in the article is a mention of a resurgence of cases of Measles at the moment.  The immunization schedule which has existed for many years now has done such a good job of eradicating so many serious diseases that there is now large pockets of communities that think there is no need to immunize (or they think that the risks of being immunized outweigh the risks of catching the disease).  So, now, we are having to see families suffering through the unimaginable stress of having tiny babies and young children catching these terrible and totally preventable diseases.

While I realise this is a very emotive topic for some, I can't stress enough my support and belief in immunizing against these life-threatening diseases.  This is not a scientific post, I'm not going to start quoting studies, I'm just stating my support of immunization here in Australia to keep these diseases at bay.  I can't imagine why any parents of young children would want to put their children at risk by NOT immunizing.

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