Thursday, April 7, 2011

Calm Kids

A few weeks ago I was pleased to meet Jennifer Jefferies, the author of the book 'Calm Kids' (among others).  Jennifer is a naturopath, life balancing expert, author and speaker.  I naturally was most interested in her resources for children, and I have had the pleasure of checking out some of her things lately and thought I would share them with you too.

The book Calm Kids is such an amazing resource.  It is basically a guide to natural therapies for children, and covers topics like aromatherapy, feeding, moving, healing, and nurturing.  While I have quite a few aromatherapy books I always refer to, I don't have one specifically for children, so I just love this book and all the information in it.  There is aromatherapy recipes for things such as Constipation Tummy Oil, Flu Bath, Head Lice Scalp Oil, Cradle Cap Scalp Oil, and tons more.  This is one reference book to keep handy when you have kids around, that's for sure.  

You can also purchase the Calm Kids book in a Calm Kids Complete Kit - this kit contains an electric essential oil vaporiser, a special wooden box with 3 aromatherapy blends specifically for children (breathe, calm kids, and study), and the books "Calm Kids" and "Sanity Savers".  I just LOVE the essential oil blends in this kit, the 'calm kids blend' in particular is just wonderful to use at the end of the day to help wind the kids down... and can I admit to you I have snaffled the 'study blend' and am using it in the office as I type! 

As an adjunct to her work/life balance work, Jennifer also sells some great healthy snacks over at her Isagenix site - the Berry Slimcakes in particular are pretty good!

You can also join Jennifer on her facebook page to stay up to date with all her news.  And for lots of other interesting articles have a browse of her articles page.

As a final note, I would like to thank Jennifer for sending me her products to try, I can't speak highly enough of them all!  I'd like to end with one of her quotes out of the "Sanity Savers" book that really struck a chord with me - "SPEAK nicely to yourself.  Focus on replacing negative self-talk with POSITIVE"

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I have just stumbled apon this book... it's such a great resource to have in the house! as a mum of two crazy beautiful boys,'calm kids' is what I'm constantly striving for ;>