Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Power of Imagination

One of THE most important elements of a child's play and learning is the imagination.  What is imagination?  From, imagination is defined as "the faculty or action of producing ideas, esp mental images of what is not present or has not been experienced".  Left to their own devices, imaginative play is so often what children will do.  And it is a vital activity for their development and the formation of their thinking processes.  It gives scope for problem solving,  expressing emotions, applying knowledge to a situation, and becoming a better overall thinker.

I love watching my boys immersed in their own little worlds when playing and using imagination.  In this post I have simply had a look through our photo album and found some images of them doing exactly that.  And, as a parent, if you show a little bit of interest, they are usually more than happy to explain what is going on.  I'm simply amazed sometimes at the complex story lines!

So here are some things my sons have been doing in the recent past:

  • Invent silly games while swimming in the pool (I remember spending literally hours in the pool playing imaginary games while growing up). 

  • Turn a tree in the backyard into a rocket or a pirate ship (or a princess castle if you have girls).
  •  One we all know and love - when cardboard boxes get more use than the things that came in them!

  • Pretending to drive the truck like Daddy.  Complete with sound effects!

So don't feel you need to fill your child's life with structured activities, children need to be given opportunities to be 'bored' and fill those parts of their lives with the colour and fun of imagination.

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CatWay said...

Lovely to have a peek into all the imaginary play that goes on at your house - has me wanting to look through my photos for some of those magic moments.

Deb Chitwood said...

Your son pretending to drive the truck reminds me of my son when he was little! One of his favorite activities was pretending to drive any vehicle. We even went to farm shows so he could pretend to drive the farm machinery.