Thursday, January 27, 2011

And School Begins

A new chapter in my life has begun.  My oldest child started school this week.  So it's going to be a period of adjustment for us all with different days and new routines.

As a business owner who operates my business from home, this will mean that during term I will get 5 days of work but my working day will be much shorter.  Instead of being able to work until 4 or 5, I will need to leave at 2 to pick my son up.  But maybe this will make me work more efficiently during the working hours of the day?

Today has also been a day of reminiscing.  I have truly spent so many days in the past 5 or so years wishing the day away because it is hard work having young children at home.  Some days have been absolutely terrible with sick or cranky children, or when my husband has been working long hours.  But that is why we choose to run our own businesses from home isn't it - to be there for our children.  So I almost feel a bit regretful about how fast the time has gone, and my children are no longer babies.

So now, if I had all the time and money in the world, maybe I would choose to simply slow down and appreciate all the small things in life instead of always being busy with work and the daily routine... that unexpected cuddle, caring words from a child, the divine scent of a flower, a beautiful sunset.

Monique xx

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