Thursday, January 27, 2011

And School Begins

A new chapter in my life has begun.  My oldest child started school this week.  So it's going to be a period of adjustment for us all with different days and new routines.

As a business owner who operates my business from home, this will mean that during term I will get 5 days of work but my working day will be much shorter.  Instead of being able to work until 4 or 5, I will need to leave at 2 to pick my son up.  But maybe this will make me work more efficiently during the working hours of the day?

Today has also been a day of reminiscing.  I have truly spent so many days in the past 5 or so years wishing the day away because it is hard work having young children at home.  Some days have been absolutely terrible with sick or cranky children, or when my husband has been working long hours.  But that is why we choose to run our own businesses from home isn't it - to be there for our children.  So I almost feel a bit regretful about how fast the time has gone, and my children are no longer babies.

So now, if I had all the time and money in the world, maybe I would choose to simply slow down and appreciate all the small things in life instead of always being busy with work and the daily routine... that unexpected cuddle, caring words from a child, the divine scent of a flower, a beautiful sunset.

Monique xx

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Burt's Bees Anti-Blemish Solutions

I have been trialling the Burt's Bees Anti Blemish Solutions since before Christmas. I was very interested to see how they would perform, and how my (not so young) skin would feel using these products. I have combination skin still to this day (especially living in Queensland when it gets hot and I get oily in the T zone), and get the odd hormonal breakout too. So, how did I go with each product?

1. Pore Refining Scrub - This is quite different to other scrubs I have used. It was lovely to use it and then give my face a good wipe with a face-cloth after. The scrub beads actually feel quite smooth and not harsh, and it left my face gently smoothed. I felt quite happy to use this as often as every second night.

2. Purifying Daily Cleanser - I REALLY liked this. It smells so very herbal, which in my books is a fantastic thing. Great to use both morning and night, not drying, works super well, and is in an easy to use bottle. My favorite product of the range.

3. Daily Moisturizing Lotion - This was fantastic. Nice and light which is perfect for a hot climate. Smells fresh, and felt nice and calming on my skin. Was very happy it didn't leave my skin reddened or irritated, or feeling greasy.

4. Targeted Spot Treatment - I have never come across a product like this before. It's very runny and you only need a tiny bit. It's SO drying to put on your skin, and helps blemishes to clear up much quicker than normal. I imagine the tiny bottle will last a very long time!

This is an amazing range, and would suit skin of any age because its so natural and effective without being drying or irritating. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone that suffers any sort of blemishes or break-outs!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nothing to blog about

The events here in Queensland the past week or so have been very overwhelming.  Statistics are showing 75% of Queenslanders have been affected by the floods, which is just mind boggling.  So many things feel rather insignificant right now, I can honestly say my children have been getting a lot of cuddles and kisses, the families that lost loved ones in the floods (especially children) are particularly on my mind.  I really have nothing to write about right now with all this going on.

I, like so many other Australians, am contributing where I can.  But every little bit counts, and lots of little bits add up to a lot!

The picture below was taken by my husband of the Ipswich Motorway.  It's so hard to imagine such massive areas being underwater.

But one thing I can truly say is that right now I am so proud to be an Australian xx

Friday, January 7, 2011

Lucky Winners

I've been a bit slack.  I haven't even wished you all Happy New Year yet.  So, I hope you all had a really fantastic New Year's whatever you did (if you want to know what I did, I slept.  Yup, dag that I am I slept right through the night.  Oh, except for some total idiots walking down my street screaming their heads off just after midnight).

Anyway, a couple of lucky winners have had a nice little surprise to start 2011 off.

The winner of the Aden+Anais Swaddles was LittleBirdDecor.

The winner of the Cosima Skincare was Christie.

Thanks everyone for your entries, and keep your eyes peeled I will hopefully have some more giveaways soon for you.

Monique xx