Thursday, December 9, 2010

Note to Authors and Writers

If you are an author of any sort of writing, whether it be books or simply articles like I write, here is a tip for you.  Occasionally google your name and see what comes up.

The other night I googled my name, and found one of my articles used by a well known Australian Organisation.  Which is fantastic, except they put my name after the article and didn't use the rest of my credit blurb. 

It's very disappointing, as they have used my writing for their content without wanting to give me full credit or link to my website.  I received an email back saying they are mindful of crediting the authors of the articles they use.  Yeah right.

And I guess the same goes in reverse too - if you are a business or organisation, if you use somebody's articles or writing please give them full credit.  Otherwise you eventually will be found out and your reputation will be damaged.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

yes, good point, always give the credits and links back to the correct place and we'll all live happily ever after :)