Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thoughts of Christmas Food

Christmas, The Silly Season, and Christmas Food Shopping ~

With the Silly Season fast approaching, thoughts of food for Christmas Day (and indeed the Christmas Season) start knocking at my consciousness.  I don't actually mean getting excited about all the yummy food and having an excuse to make a glutton of myself (although ok I do), I mean its nearly time to order the Christmas Hams and start considering just how damn hot it usually is in Queensland for Christmas lunch!!  I just had to share this poem about shopping for a Christmas turkey I came across with you, it gave me a bit of a giggle!

It was Christmas Eve closing time, nearly
Where a last minute shopper, frustrated clearly
Was rummaging through the freezer cabinet
At her nearest out of town super market
Desperately searching for a frozen turkey
And couldn't find one big enough for her family
Then she saw a young shop assistant pass by
And decided that she would give him a try
"Do these turkeys get any bigger?" she said
Puzzled he replied "No madam, they're dead."

I'm also planning my Christmas Crafts (as I talked about in an earlier post) and Christmas gifts for family members.  It's always a huge challenge of what to buy the adult male members of my family - do you find this too?  And don't forget if you have a little baby to purchase for you will find some gorgeous products and gift sets over at Your Cheeky Monkey :-)

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