Sunday, August 15, 2010

Learning About the Human Body

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At what age can you start teaching kids about their bodies?  Well I think as early as possible!  As I am a biological science nerd by education, its something I am having so much fun with at the moment with my 2 kids.  The outer body parts are all sort of on the way to being ingrained now (my boys are nearly 4 and nearly 5), so we are beginning on the internal organs - and I thought I would show you some of the things we are doing at present.  The first picture below is a fantastic floor puzzle I found at the Social Book Club - every time we do it I can talk about some of the body parts, what they do, and where they are located.

Books are also a vital resource for our learning.  They are great to have on hand so when questions or discussion comes up about a body part or organ, you can get some books out to look at and talk about.

Finally, here is my first ever You Tube movie effort.  Don't under estimate your children's school or kindy to access for resources - I have found ours to be extremely helpful if I tell them what we are doing at home and they lend us some things to relate.  In the movie is a very cool vest with organs on I loaned from the boys kindy - the boys thought this was 'so cool' and we have had heaps of fun looking at it.  Here is a little clip I took of my 4 year old.

So, there we have it.  A few of the fun things we are doing to begin on the path of knowing and understanding the human body's parts and their function.  Hopefully I can help to instill a lifelong love of Science in my children!

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Deb Chitwood said...

Adorable video! And that vest with organs is great – what a fun and memorable way to learn about the body. It looks like you’re doing a wonderful job of giving your boys a love of science!

CatWay said...

I agree that kids can't start learning about the body early enough. That vest does look really great. Kids love those models of the body where you can take the organs out and put them back.

homeage said...

I couldn't comment until Princess was free to watch the video with me :)

Great video, and what a fantastic learning tool that vest is!

I remember someone posting about a book with large stickers they had of organs and using them to put on the outline drawings they had done of the children on large paper, which I think would be a great way to bring home the idea that these things are inside them.

Teaching Money to Kids said...

We like to talk about body parts while we are eating, which foods help which body parts. said...

Another one who loves that vest and the video! And the actor's pretty cute too :) I agree kids should be learning about their bodies from tiny babies, then you need to do the insides as well. (But I'm a human biologist so I'm a bit biased.) I loe that you have a range of activities.

Narelle said...

Great post! I haven't really done much with my kids about the human body (apart from the stuff you do pointing out 'nose, mouth, eyes' etc when they are young ;) Maybe I should do some more...That vest is an awesome idea!

Narelle said...

Great post! I haven't really done much with my kids about the human body (apart from the stuff you do pointing out 'nose, mouth, eyes' etc when they are young ;) Maybe I should do some more...That vest is an awesome idea!

Ashleigh said...

That video is gorgeous! He is just too cute! I hadn't even thought about doing organs and things yet! You've inspired me! I love how you have learnt with the vest, the puzzle and with books. What fun!

SMMART ideas said...

Love the the accent too! Even as babys, kissing their little toes and naming them "Good night, Toes"..."Good night, cheeks", is a fun interactive way to help your child become familiar with their body parts...but for the inside parts, I need that vest!

izzy said...

Hi I am a teacher and I also agree that its best to teach children about their body parts as early as possible.

And yes, i like the vest idea too! =D