Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Finding Inspiration, or maybe not

Not sure what it might be, maybe the coming change in seasons, but there has been lots of mentions and whispering of inspiration and where it comes from around the internet.

As lots of other Aussie families have, we have had a winter of constant minor sicknesses.  Just bad enough to keep kids home from kindy and have you feeling rather rotten.  Coupled with my over-crowded and well lived in sewing room, I have to admit I don't have many creative juices flowing at the moment.  Mostly I have been working on lots of my handmade Bunny Rugs, for some reason these are quite popular at the moment, but I am happy to sit and crochet even if I am feeling under the weather!

Amanda over at Busy Mum 2010 recently blogged about getting the creative juices flowing - She is very clever to keep a journal handy for inspirational thoughts, designs & patterns, and also uses music to help kick start the creative part of her brain.

Annette over at Under The Loupe is also talking about how hard it is to get inspired at times.  She thinks a little escape works wonders, such as taking a drive outside your normal area.

Hmm I think for me a spring clean of my creative space will work wonders, as well as getting my family 100% well again.  All I can say is "roll on spring"!!

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