Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Why Cuski Comforters are so fabulous!

Anyone that has had a baby knows that one of the most vital things you can provide to your child is a comforter that baby will take to, and that will be comforting and secure for your child.

The most wonderful comforter I have ever come across is the Cuski Comforter. Cuski is derived from a Welsh term and means "to sleep". It is a super soft comforter that can be machine washed, and is the perfect size to be able to take anywhere and is also just the right size and texture for baby's hands and to cuddle.

One of the most important features I think with the Cuski is that is has no face. How often do you give a cool toy to a baby (well what we think is cool), and Bub gets very upset by the face? The Cuski simply provides a comforting round shape for baby to feel comfortable with. One of the other most vital features is the ability of the Cuski to absorb Mum and Dad's scents, so you can just wear the Cuski against your skin for a while and it will hold your smell, which you will find your baby will just love.

The Cuski replaces a normal blankie or lovie, and the best thing is that it is easy to replace if your child's treasured Cuski gets damaged or lost.

You can also have a look at my recent blog post on what products you need for your newborn baby, where I mention comforters for baby. Find the full range of Cuski Comforters (including the organic and Fair Trade range) at Your Cheeky Monkey.

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