Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Review & Interview at KID Independent

A big thank you to Indi over at {KID} Independent for the fabulous interview and product review on our TagNCuddles today. I'm rather excited to have got a "DIG IT" result!

This was the verdict on our TagNCuddles:

What is it?

The TagNCuddle is a gorgeous handcrafted comforter made from 100% cotton with super soft flannel lining. Around the edge you’ll find a funky assortment of tags, ric-rac and ribbons for curious fingers {and mouths} to explore. The fabric print on our TagNCuddle contained an array of grubs, grasshoppers, bees and butterflies. It was super colourful and resulted in our test subject taking a dive off Mum’s knee in hot pursuit when it was waved in his direction… in short… we dig it!
Five reasons why we dig it!
  1. It was loved by the little guy {the toughest critic}
  2. It’s super tough and can survive grabby {and grubby} hands, teeth, slobber + stains.
  3. It washes well and comes up looking as good as new {well, it would if we ironed it… which we didn’t, cos that would be like ironing undies or tea towels… pointless!}
  4. It’s handmade with love by a Mum with a passion for little folk crafts.
  5. It’s affordable, at $16.

But you can read the whole post {HERE}

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