Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Review: Aussie Product Review

We have a brand new review on our TagNCuddles and Burp Cloths, with thanks to Aussie Product Review. Here is what they think of our products:

We loved the TagNCuddle Tag Comforter by Your Cheeky Monkey. This is such a fun item for any baby or toddler. Each little tag is different, creating such interest for the little one to hold, grab and rub. Babies can twist and fiddle with the tags which will help build up their dexterity. All the TagNCuddle Tag Comforters have been beautifully handmade making them all individually special.

The design of this burp cloth is so practical; it is a definite must-have for any mum with a newborn. Perfectly contoured for the shoulder, throw it over and be sure you are covered both front and back from any spit-up! One side is designed with soft flannelette fabric and the other side a towelling fabric, which is very absorbent. Again, this item is uniquely handmade and can come gender specific too.

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