Saturday, May 15, 2010

Interested in Home Birthing?

Home Birthing has been quite a lot in the news lately for various reasons, it is one of those topics that evokes quite strong opinions from most women, especially Mums. Both my sons were born in the hospital under an obstetrician, my first had to be induced after being 2 weeks overdue and a very big Bub, and no signs of going anywhere. My second was a very difficult birth where I was in labour for a long time and my waters would not break & there were complications from that. So I am quite envious of those who successfully enjoy the experience of having their baby in their own home. I can't imagine what a different experience it must be to a hospital environment.

In my travels around the internet the other day I came across a site that has a huge amount of information on home birthing - Home Birth Midwifery Services, so I thought I would let you know about it too. This is an Australian site run by midwives.

VBAC (Vaginal birth after Caesarean) is also covered in depth, I like how this site encourages you to read as much information as you can so you can make your own informed decision. And I love the DECISIONS page and model of care table for each maternity service in Brisbane. Very interesting reading!!

What are your thoughts or experiences on Home Birth? Have you, would you, wouldn't you, and why??

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Veronica said...

I would love to actually, if I knew the midwives would actually come here. In Tassie, it's quite hard to have a home birth, although great midwife care (in hospital) is readily available.

My last birth was 90 minutes start to finish and the hospital on a good traffic day is 45 minutes away (although, we made it in 25 minutes, we may have broken most of the roadrules to get there though, and I was pushing in the carpark) - so I suspect that my next birth, whenever that happens, we'll have the home birth things planned in case we need them.

But yes, providing home birth care was readily available, I would definitely have a baby at home. I'd just have to make sure that my hubby did all the meals for 3 days without me!

Your Cheeky Monkey said...

Hi Veronica
Many thanks for the comment on this post.... How lucky are you with that quick birth!! And hubby doing meals for 3 days – heaven – its almost worth having a baby just for that I would imagine ;-)

Lucy said...

Hi Monique

It is a subject very close to my heart, especially at the moment.

Politics aside though, I thought I would give you my personal perspective.

My three births have got quicker each time. My first was 7 hours from start to finish, my second only three hours from start to finish. And my third was so close to being born in the car it was not funny. (40 minutesd from start to finsih.)

I was under the care of an OB each time, but each time he was not in attendence, I had midwives help me birth. I also pracived Hypnobirthing.

If I was ever to go on and have a fourth baby then I think I have no option but to engage a private midwife and birth at home.

BUT my preference would be to still birth within a hospital, as I love to have my babymoon and establish breastfeeding AWAY from home. Away from toddlers, away from chores, away from domestic responsibility. Just for those first precious few days, just me and my baby, cacooned away from the world. For me, that is gold.

(I have been very lucky with all three of my births: all were totally natural (vaginal, zero intervention) and my experiences of the hospital system was truly wonderful. Hence my very personal perspective.It was absolutely possible to get the type of birth and post natal environment I wanted in a private hospital.)

Maternity choices and birth are not something I ever touch upon within my blog, but it is something that I am passionate about.

I commend you for researchng this. There is a wealth of information out there on this topic, so I wish you luck.

Your Cheeky Monkey said...

Thank you Lucy for your comments :-)

MMBB said...

I had all three of my kids in hospital, and not once in any of that time was I asked or told about home birthing. I hate being in a hospital, and if I had been given the choice, I would have had a home birth. There definitely isn't enough information provided to mothers about it.
During one of my births I was told to shut up because I was too loud and might wake up the other mothers!
There has been a couple little 'incidents' at the hospitals that have really put me off being there.

Your Cheeky Monkey said...

Thanks MMBB for your comments! I had similar experiences to you I think... in fact the midwife for my 2nd son just sat and watched me in labour the whole time!!

MMBB said...

With my last birth the midwife only spoke to me to insist I use the gas when I had repeatedly said I did not want to use it.
I didn't get checked for dilation and not a word about what I should be doing. Then the Dr finally arrives and the midwife says to him "oh I thought you would've have missed it but we're still waiting for her to push". I thought "what?, you mean I could have been pushing this whole time and you just pottered in and out of the room watching the tv in between the god awful sounds I was making??"
oh my..

Your Cheeky Monkey said...

What a negative experience for you! I think some of these hospital midwives should retire! Because they certainly don't care about the Mums in labour...

Mothers Matter said...

Im like Lucy - I really enjoy my holiday in hospital away from the kids!! I've had three hospital births and unfortunately couldn't give birth naturally, so home birth hasn't really been an option!

Even if I could, I am one of those people that enjoys the security that a hospital provides and that's why I pay for an OB.

Your Cheeky Monkey said...

Many thanks for your input on this subject Mothers Matter :-)

Lucy said...

In our current maternity climate, there will be very few, if any hospital advocates of homebirthing.

If you want a homebirth, you have to go out and find the information for yourself. There is plenty of information and an incredible amount of support, but it will not come knocking at your door. You have to care enough to go find it.

As with all things birthing, I feel that women need to take responsibility for their own choices, their own options and their own knowledge.

This in turn will give women confidence when it comes to birthing choices.

Your Cheeky Monkey said...

I do agree with you Lucy, especially in today's litigious world, I feel not too many are speaking out about home birthing. I do feel though birth needs to be treated as a more natural process rather than a clinical or procedure based process.