Monday, April 26, 2010

Mock KFC Twisters

Today my boys and I discovered an extremely yummy version of a chicken wrap that surprising was so similar to a KFC chicken twister it wasn't funny.

This was all very unintentional, I had to take the boys grocery shopping this morning due to my other half working every day (which I normally just DREAD to do and in fact refuse to unless its a dire emergency). Actually one lady in the supermarket commented to me what a good job I was doing with them and how cool calm and collected I was (yup that certainly cracked me up not sure how she figured that one out).

So, walking through the bread section my 4 year old grabbed a packet of tortilla wraps and ever so nicely asked if we could have them for lunch... sure I said no problems. A few isles later I figured I had better get something to go with them (didn't fancy vegemite at all), and grabbed a packet of frozen chicken things. I'm sure nearly everyone that reads this will have done something like this at some time, but thought oh well I might as well share our method, as it was SUCH a hit with my kids I can tell this will be on the menu a fair bit here on in.

What I liked about this option rather than heading off to KFC is that it is heaps cheaper, and I bet has WAY less fat. (Ok, you got me, I don't mind an occasional fast food fix).

So here is the recipe (I am going to put down the brands I bought today - I'm sure substituting different products will work just as well).

Box Frozen Chicken Fingers
Packet Wraps
Mayonnaise (I use whole egg)
Grated cheese
Chopped Lettuce & tomato (+ any other salads you like)
Sweet chilli sauce - optional

Simply cook chicken fingers and the wraps as per packet instructions, then wrap all ingredients inside the wrap to suit each member of family. I allowed 2-3 chicken fingers per wrap.



Mel Kettle said...

GREAT idea - bet my picky eater stepson would LOVE them as he loves KFC and I refuse to go near the place! You could use fish fingers too or crumbed fish.

Kawaii for You said...

YUMMO!! I use sour cream instead of the mayo and it's delish... Christine xo

Your Cheeky Monkey said...

That's the great thing about things like this isn't it, you can substitute just about anything - will be trying both fish fingers and sour cream too! Thanks :-D

Toni said...

try mixing half sour cream and half mayo....way yummy....Toni xoxo