Friday, March 19, 2010

We Heart Camo!

Well here at Your Cheeky Monkey headquarters, we think Camo is going to be the big print this winter. Funk up your little one in these super cool products:

The ultimate in hearing protection for babies and children can be found at Baby Ear Muffs. My absolute fave is these Baby Banz Ear Muffs in pink camo (also available in blue and green camo). If you ever take your Bub to concerts or they are around any sort of loud machinery, these are a must have... and anyway, how cool are they?!

I have also just listed one of my Handmade Baby Wraps in Camo... These are a great multi-use products from swaddling Bub, to a breast feeding cover, to a light blanket for the car or pram, and more. I'm just loving the camo print and am on the hunt for more camo fabrics to extend my collection of handmade products for the winter.

Feel free to post a comment here if you spot any other cool camo products :)


Amanda L said...

Once again Monique you have out done yourself

Amanda said...

I've just given you the Beautiful Blogger award. Love your blog, so interesting! This will link to my old blog, to see the award, please go to:

Your Cheeky Monkey said...

Thanks Amanda for your lovely comment - and thanks Amanda for the Beautiful Blogger Award!!

Your Cheeky Monkey said...

I spotted these very cool camo floor cushions from Strawberry Jam designs!!!