Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Making Easter Hats on a Budget

This week we had to make Easter Hats at home for the boys to take to Kindy for their Easter parade. I have never had to make Easter Hats before so it was certainly a learning process for all of us.

I decided I wanted to arrange something that the boys were able to do mostly by themselves.  I also wanted to make them without having to go to the shops and spend heaps of money on craft items to make them. Our finished product ended up using only things we had in the house, you can adjust decorations to anything you might have in your house!

What you will need is:
A large cereal box
A large piece of sturdy cardboard (for the ears)
Some Easter themed pictures printed out to colour in (or you can free-style draw)
Cotton wool
Glue & a stapler
Various pens, paints, etc

We started with the bunny ears. I drew 2 bunny ears each on the sturdy cardboard. Then I cut them out and the boys coloured them in. Finally, I put a squiggle of glue down the middle and the boys stuck the cotton wool on. We then left these aside to dry.

Next I cut the cereal box down the side and cut 2 long strips about 7-8 cm wide for the headband. Leave flat. I cut out the pictures they wanted, then they stuck them on themselves with the glue stick.

Then it was time for a play outside and something to eat while everything dried!

After the glue had dried the boys decorated the pictures on their headbands with glitter paint - I couldn't find any paintbrushes so we improvised with cotton buds!!

They really enjoyed the painting bit, and did a beautiful colourful job.

After the paint has all dried, put the cardboard band around each child's head and staple together to fit. Then staple the bunny ears on and you are done!


Susie said...

Oh well done they look fab Monique, 2 little easter boys. We have ours to do yet, probably wont turn out as good as yours, as we get distracted with the pva glue and start gluing all sorts.
Have a Happy and fun Easter

susie xox

Your Cheeky Monkey said...

Thanks Susie! You have a great Easter too!

Amanda L said...

Too cute. I had to do the boys for them as they are too young. I can't wait until they are old enough to make them with me.

Katy, Peace, Paula said...

Oh they're fabulous! And how cute are your kids!
Happy Easter cheeky monkeys!!

Your Cheeky Monkey said...

Thanks Amanda, Katy and Peace :-D